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Deal Divas 6

"I was able to get all of this toilet paper for the cost of tax only and I still have $14 in Up Rewards left! I'm hoping the stores will have more this week but if not, I'm set for awhile. My 2 sons are holding up my pyramid of free toilet paper!" Valerie Moody

"This is my daughter Sharon. She is sitting in our fantastic deal. We got our ad from Kroger and boy did it come in handy. They were doing a $4 instant return when you buy 4 P&G products. I was able to add on my high value coupons from P&G coupon books and the digital coupons from Kroger. This made the Crest toothpaste $0.50 each, the Dawn $0.79, 4 Secret deodorants for $1.16 as well as the Old Spice Deodorants, the body wash was $1.50 each after discounts, the Coast bar soap was free with coupons, the Herbal Essences was $0.94 cents with a free styling gel, the Fiber one bars $1.50 off after discount, the Pampers wipes 1.24 after discount and the Kandoo wipes free after coupon. The pasta was $0.34 each after coupons at Meijer and the Gain was $0.47 at Walmart after coupons. Just the Kroger bill alone would have been $147.57 before discounts, however we only paid $46.34. With all that we bought we paid out of pocket a total of about $108.00 and saved over $125.00 in coupons and discounts. I shared with ladies at our church last night on how I was able to save so much. I am trying to teach them how to coupon by showing them my receipts and how I plan my shopping trips and combining offers from websites. A lot did not realize that Kroger, Meijer, Target, Walgreens, or CVS offer store coupons that can be added to with manufacturer's coupons. My daughter is also a great helper when it comes to putting things away as well as helping clip and sorting coupons. I just enjoying sharing my knowledge with those in our church to help everyone save a little extra where they can." Kathy Overholt


"Here is my last minute "2010" savings from CVS and Walgreens. Between the two stores we purchased 4 vitamin waters, 2 travel size lotions, 2 travel size shampoos, 1- 24 ct Excedrin Migrane bottle, 4- 10 pair-pks of disposable gloves, 1-Neutrogena eye duo shadow, 1-3pack Holiday coffees collection. Between the two stores the grand total came to $39.55. After manufacturer coupons and a $4.00 Extra bucks from CVS I paid $.72 for the items and $1.00 tax for a total of $1.72, PLUS, CVS gave me $2.00 Extra Bucks for my next visit for using my Green Tag and for purchasing the vitamin water! My son and daughter were happy with our mini end of the year haul!" Stephanie M.

"I was really excited when I saw that there was a deal on Quilted Northern at CVS – not only a deal but I also got ExtraCare Bucks – BONUS!  Quilted Northern is a brand name that I have to have – so when it’s on sale, I always buy it.  What a great start to 2011!

While there I also picked a few more items – as you can tell from the photo.  Here’s what I got:


 Items Purchased


Berrio Olive Oil




Cherry Coke


Crest Mouthwash


Dove Invisible Care




GE Energy Smart 100 watt 1 pk


Glade Impressions




Nature Made Vit D 90-100 ct


Nature Made Vitamin C


Photo Books


Quilted Northern




Softsoap Body Wash


Tylenol Precise

As a bonus, they had taken apart the liquor gift packs, so my favorite cashier offered me some nice glasses from one of the sets for free.
Here’s the “cost”:
Total of all products: $318.92
 Total amount in manufacturer’s coupons used: $157.23
 Total amount in CVS coupons used: $71.99
 Total ECBs used: $89.70
 Total ECBs rec’d back: $59.99

 So I spent $29.71 in my ECBs to get some of the extra stuff I needed – like the toilet paper.  But 8 packages of toilet paper for $29.71, works out to $3.71/package or 31 cents a roll! I did not use any cash though – I used all ExtraCare Bucks to pay for that extra $29.71 – so it’s time to rebuild my bucks until I need to buy more Cascade!" Jennifer Dean

"I stopped by Target early in the morning on January 4, 2011 for a quick check of the Christmas clearance merchandise.  I noticed the signage still had 75% off, but decided to scan a couple of items anyway. When they scanned 90% off, I began to feel that excitement that I’m sure all of you can appreciate.  Hardly anybody was in the store, so I basically had no competition in getting what I wanted. My loot included:  a 4.5 ft tree for $7, Christmas c.d.’s  for 69 cents, Softsoap for 29 cents, wrapping paper 2 packs for 45 cents, stockings for 20 cents, tablecloths for 30 cents, greeting cards for 69 cents, huge bike bags for 30 cents, 10 pack ornament sets for 10 cents and 50 cents.  I was also able to pick up various ornaments, children’s books, decorations, ribbons, stationary, along with several future stocking stuffers. After the 90% discount, 20 cent discount for 4 reusable bags and 5% discount for using my Target credit card, I spent $53.36 and saved $433.39. To top it off, I received a catalina for 50 cents off of any Target café item, so I treated myself to a big bag of popcorn as a reward.  My two year old, Brandon Jr., was more than happy to pose for the picture, although he was a bit confused, wondering why I was decorating again, when I had just taken everything down the day before!" Martha Thompson

**** Jan/Feb 2011 Front Cover Winner ****

"I have now been couponing for 30 days. This is most of our first months’ deals. This is how you save money raising 4 daughters. We are stocked for the year & then some and I spent less than I would have normally spent on 1 month’s supplies. I can NOT believe how I used to think getting toothpaste on "sale" was a good deal. This has become a family hobby. They help me cut coupons and they tell all their friends how their mom has enough stock to open a small store. My sister & I have gone into the hobby together. We talk every day about our next good deal. She won last month’s inside cover with her diaper deal. Even our mom is starting. This has just started the best hobby our family could get into -- Saving $$, Love It. I carry a file tote around. I call it my SMURF & people look at me weird but in my mind I’m laughing as they pay full price & think it’s a deal. Thanks again, just wanted to share." Shannon Murray


**** Jan/Feb 2011 Inside Front Cover Winner ****

"Hi, my name is Jill. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart I noticed the Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Starter Kits were on sale for $5.00; I remember clipping a coupon for $3.00 off these starter kits and went straight home to order coupons from my favorite coupon website I got 50 of these awesome coupons for 8 cents a piece. I received my coupons a few days later and did the coupon dance when I left Wal-Mart with my cart full of these starter kits. These items retail $9.99 each. So after doing all the math I received over $500.00 worth of merchandise for $106.85 (including tax) I saved over $393.15 that's 80% savings :) which of course made me do the coupon dance once again :) These starter kits are great gifts and at Christmas, they will come in handy :) Happy shopping everyone !!!" Jill D Noeltner, St Louis, MO

**** Jan/Feb 2011 Back Cover Winner ****

300 With Overage!

"While at the Commissary, I noticed that they had Fisher Nuts Fusions Snack Mix on sale for $.79. I kept thinking the whole time I’m shopping that I think I have some coupons for these at home. So when I finally got home sure enough, in our coupon box were $1 off any one Fisher Nut coupons. So I pulled them and put them in my purse so the next time I was close to the Commissary I could go in and use the coupons. That would mean a profit on each coupon of $.21 cents!!! Yeah!!! So that night I just kept thinking about what to use the overage ($.21) on…what we needed and pulling other coupons. I traded and ended up with over 300 coupons. I called and did a special order with the Commissary. When they came in I was able to purchase all the nuts and I used the overage to buy lots of other items using additional coupons and lots of packages of ground turkey and meats for the freezer since we hardly ever have coupons for these items! Mike was happy with this shopping trip we just had to pay the surcharge (tax) and very little out of pocket!!!" Vickie Brantley

"Rite Aid's store brand 11oz coffee retails for $3.99, but was on sale for 2/$5 with a $1Up reward and/or $1.99 each for several weeks. There was a RA coupon for $2 off 1 can in a coupon packet they sent out to members. Rite Aid sent it as a pdf file so I had no problem physically or morally printing as many as I needed! So, I spent maybe 3 dollars out of pocket, but got it back in up rewards. I ended up with about 3 dozen cans free $140 value--I'm So very happy because I had none in my little stockpile and my husband and I drink coffee everyday- We'll benefit from this freebie for many months to come!  
Our daughter Juleah (pictured) is happy for us too;)" Laurie
"It was fun running around doing deals at Rite Aid in November and December! My son Kristian helped me set up all the frames and stuff we got to take a photo. Deals at Rite Aid as you all know had to be acted on quickly sometimes or you would miss out. I knew that we were going to give family pictures for Christmas presents, so when I heard about the frame deal going on at Rite Aid, I jumped to it! The deal was this, with every frame you bought you would get $3 Ups in return. BUT...the best part was that the Ups were printing on smaller photo items such as photo keychains, photo magnets, photo coasters you name it! And these smaller items sometimes cost less than a $1, so this was a money-maker!! I had $16.00 in Up rewards to roll over, so off I went. At the same time Michelle had posted that the $5 Hallmark coupon could be found in Woman's Day and Family Circle magazines. These magazines with my 20% discount at Rite Aid only cost me $1.59 each which made them totally worth buying as a filler item, but also to get that coupon! I was able to get 8 of these magazines (passing them along for others to read afterward) and use $40 worth of Hallmark coupons! My kids loved buying gifts for each other from Hallmark with the coupons, and I stocked up on wrapping paper with the buy 1 roll at 4.99, get 1 for .99 deal!
This is what my running around resulted in: Having $16.00 in Ups to roll over, I earned and used $91.00 in Ups rewards. I paid $33.19 out of pocket and ended up with $4 in Ups after the deal ended (sadly on my 4th trip I guess Rite Aid decided to change their system to stop printing the Ups for smaller photo items). After the four transactions I now had 23 photo frames ranging in size from 8X11 to 5X7 to 4X6. I also had 6 Hallmark coupons (value $30). I had 18 small photo items like keychains, mini album, magnet frames, cell phone charm, etc. And lastly I also ended up with 6 bags of Chex mix, 2 Planters nuts, 6 Family circle magazines." Teresa Davis
"Winn Dixie had Lou Ana oil on sale for $1.48 each. I had coupons for .50/1.

I purchased 34 @ $1.48 = $50.32. I used a $10 off $50, this brought total to $40.32.

Then I used 38 @ .50/1 = $17 in coupon savings.

$40.32 - $17 = $23.32 + tax $3.63 = $26.95.

Then I received a $10 off my next order for purchasing $50 in a single transaction.

This was kind of like paying $16.95 for 34 cooking oils.  (daughter Jenny is in picture)" Selena McGee, AL

"4 Finger Nail polish, 8 Kisses, 3 Dandruff shampoos, 3 shampoos, 2 hair color, 3 trial diapers, 13 pictures frames. After Ups and coupons and 4 transactions, $35.73 profit!"
Becky W, KY

"My family travels to my parents’ lake house which is 3 hours south from Kansas City and where there are no CVS stores.  I always get bummed because everyone writes about all these great deals, but I cannot do them.  But, this year I came home from the lake early and well…got to go to CVS late Saturday night and work the deals.  This Sunday I got up and went and did the deals for 11/28-12/4.  Here’s what I got." Jennifer Dean


 $                                     3.99

Tide (2)

 $                                  13.98

Nivea Gift Pack

 $                                     9.99

Quilted Northern

 $                                     8.99

Viva Paper Towels (2)

 $                                  19.98

Renpure (4)

 $                                  19.96

Reese's   (10)

 $                                     7.90

Mars King Size  (10)

 $                                  15.90

Gillette Deodorant (4)

 $                                  16.00

Olay Body Wash (2)

 $                                  13.98

Complete Contact Solution (2)

 $                                  19.98

Nature Made Vitamins (2)

 $                                  15.98

Secret Trial Size Deodorant (2)

 $                                     2.98

Colgate Sensitive (4)

 $                                  15.96

Listerine Pockets (4)

 $                                  11.96

Carmex (2)

 $                                     1.98

Herbal Essence Hydralicious (4)

 $                                  15.96

LA Looks (2)

 $                                     5.98

Bioluxe Trial Size Shampoo (2)

 $                                     3.98

Phillips Ear Phones (2)

 $                                  13.98

Xtra Detergent (2)

 $                                     3.98

St. Jude (3)

 $                                     3.00

Total of Items Purchases 11/27 + 11/28

 $                                246.39


 $                                     1.27

Man. Cpns,  CVS Cpns and ECBs Used

 $                                246.39

ECBS Gained

 $                                159.56



Renpure Rebates to come

 $                                     9.98

Olay $20 WYB $50 Rebate

$32 towards this rebate


"We got 30 free Fuzes at Cub Foods. The deal was buy 10 for $10 get $5 off at checkout. That + coupons = free! This is my daughter Evelyn age 4."

Jenny Becker, Blaine, MN

"I'm swimming in cereal! First, after Halloween, all Halloween items (including my favorite cereal – Count Chocula) were 75% off at Giant Eagle. I think Giant Eagle tends to have high prices, but that made the cereal $1 a box, so I bought LOTS of the Monsters Cereals. Then I had 12 coupons for free Honey Nut Cheerios from an instant win game. The large boxes were on sale for $5, but then if you bought 2, you got one free, so I got 18 large boxes of cereal for free. In total, I got over $400 of cereal for $82. I know that's not a super huge savings, but I only had 12 coupons and got 100 boxes of cereal! There's plenty of people I know who can use food right now, so none of it will go to waste! Also, with all the bonus box tops for education on the Cheerios, it's about $13 of boxtops I'll be able to donate to a local school that uses the boxtops to buy school supplies for the children who live in poverty who can't afford even the absolute basic necessities for school." Jennifer Short

"I'm still taking advantage of all of the offers that are posted daily.  I went to Walgreens after printing some of the Crayola "Popart Pixies" $4 coupons.  I went to all three Walgreens stores in Chico and finally found them.  I did do some other shopping for my nieces while I was there with all of my Jingle Cash from after Thanksgiving because they all had to be used.  I sent a picture of stuff that I will mostly be using to make a nice gift basket for each of my nieces, along with some other things that I can use.  Here is a list of the items I got:
1 All 32oz
4 Mead 50-pk Press 'n Seal Envelopes
3 Top Speed Revlon Nail Polishes
3 Crayola PopArt Pixies
2 Scunci bands
2 Scunci clip packs
2 Nial Art Glitters
2 Glitter Tweezers
2 Sally Hansen Nail Sensation kits
2 Holiday decorated Nail Files
2 Color Workshop Eye Mobile eyeshadow kits
Glide Pro Health Floss
G.U.M. Go Betweens
G.U.M. Go Between Brush

My total O.O.P. was $37.63.....but, I am sending in for the $3 Cortaid rebate, got $15.00 in jingle cash to spend next week, and got $13.00 in register rewards.   Plus, I got $4 in miscellaneous manufacturer coupons too!  So, the 29 items pictured for only $6.63, plus some extra coupons, and my nieces got some sparkly and fun extra Christmas gifts! On with the fun!" Nancy Raimer, Chico, CA

"I got all these veggies at Meijer (32 in all) for $.32 each.
I really don't think either of those pictured will enjoy them though!
Sale price $.89
- $1/2 cpns (I had 16)
= $.39"

Julie B.








"He's too little to drink coffee!!
Here's how I got all this coffee for a net oop of only $3.54:
Buy 2 at $1.77 each = $3.54
Use 2 $1 cpns (9/26 SS)
Pay $1.54
Get a $1 OYNO Catalina cpn.
Now, just 2 every transaction, use 2 $1 cpns and the $1 Catalina.
Pay $.54 and get another $1!!
I had 12 I'm stocked up on coffee!!
Total oop $4.54, w/$1 OYNO Catalina!"

Julie B

"All this for under $50.  60 boxes brownie mix, 60 pouches cookies mix, 30 hot chocolate mix, 30 cake and frosting mixes, 7 Wesson oil, 2 Pam. Go to Safeway and pick up (as many as you can find) the BIG Thanksgiving Coupon book and take it to Albertson and use the coupons on the buy 10 item sale.  Brownie mixes are .49 with a .50 coupon, hot chocolate is $1 with a $1 coupon,  cake and frosting mixes are $1.48 with a $1 coupon, and cookies are .99 with a .50 coupon.  You can buy as many as you want in one trip thru the cashier."    Dean Bame  Bellingham, WA
"Rite Aid is starting to be my favorite store and I love Kroger too:)>  Here is a picture of my daughter Hannah and all the stuff we got for free or close to free at rite aid.  We first did the Nivea Mens body wash deal and Mentos clearance-Had a 5.00 Wellness reward to start off with too
Here is our first Transaction
5-Nivea Mens wash--3.99 each
3-Mentos small bottle 1.04
5-Mentos big bottles 1.14
TOTAL w/tax=  30.52
1/ 5.00 off 25.00 coupon
1/5.00 Wellness reward
5/3.00 coupons for Mens Nivea body wash
3/1.00 Mentos coupons (she would only let me use them on the small bottles)
TOTAL after coupons 1.43 and printed 5.00 reward so Money Maker
Then I made several other trips for the Nivea ended up with 25 Niveas and 15.00 in rewards plus everything I got I paid with my gift cards from the Huggies diaper deal ---I used my 15.00 rewards to buy tons of NY color makeup for 1.99 and get the nail polish free-----I have 26.00 rewards now so I made money on the makeup.  KROGER--I got the Dial soap 2pc or Soft soap was on sale for 10/10 and i had .35 coupons the doubled so I paid .30 for each soap--and the crest was on sale for 10/10 and I had .75 coupons so I got all them for .25 for each one.  These are going to help with my Christmas baskets this year Ho Ho Ho! LOL"  Christy C
"Our department at work decided to donate to the local food bank this year. I volunteered myself and my co-worker, Marni, who is a RefundCents member as well, to make baskets to raffle off. All the items in the baskets were in my basement in my stockpile." Shannon A.
"I had so much fun this week at Rite Aid! I don't usually shop Rite Aid too often but I couldn't resist when I heard about all the other members having so much fun there. I did several deals before this one but I just had to post at least one deal. It's been hard for me to shop and do my deals for the past 2 months because I injured my back and am due to have surgery soon, so this was a bit of a struggle for me but I had fun!  
I have to drive about 40-45 miles to get to a Rite Aid because the one closest to me (which is 18 miles one way) is always out of something and are not too coupon friendly. But once I get there, it is a pleasure shopping there. They are the nicest employees ever! Pictured is me and the stuff I ended up getting for just over $3 OOP. Total before coupons was $104.85. A savings of about 96%!  
Ever since I joined Refund Cents I have been saving and saving money! I look back now and can't even figure out how on earth I was ever able to shop for my family without using coupons and finding all the great deals that are posted on this site! Thanks Michele and all of the members here on Refund Cents! It just makes "cents" to use coupons!" Cheryl C.

"I wanted to tell you about my fabulous RA trip today. I even shocked myself LOL. Got a $5 mystery UP Rewards apparently for purchasing the One Touch Delica Meter. I have purchased these in the past but never got an UP Reward..

Transaction # 1

(1) One Touch Delica Meters $19.99 regular price I paid $17.99 with 10% discount

(1) Conair Infinity Ion Hair Dryer (clearanced $14.95 - regular $32.99)
(8) Bandaid 8-count travel size @ .99 each
(8) Bandaid 8-count travel size @ .49 each
Used the following coupons:
(1) One Touch Delica $19.99 regular price I paid $17.99 with 10% discount
(1) RA Conair Hair Dryer $5.00 (from the RA Flu book)
(1) RA $5 off $25
(6) $3 off $3 Bandaid/Neosporin/etc. Coupons

Total after coupons .27 + 1.63 NJ Tax = $1.90 (paid with gift card)
Received back
$5.00 mystery UP from Diabetes Plat (that's what it says on the UP)
(8) $2.00 UP Rewards from J&J (Bandaid purchases)
$21.00 in UP Rewards and all I spent was $1.90

Transaction # 2

(1) One Touch Delica $17.99
(1) Pez Candy (Buzz Lightyear) $1.00
(6) Mentos Gum @ $1.00 each = $6.00
(2) Nivea Happy Sensations .99 each (had a raincheck for these. Originally they were $3.99 with a $3.00 UP Reward but since no one in this area had them they gave me a rain check for .99 each)
(1) Itunes $25 Gift Card
(3) Bandaid 8-count travel size @ .99 each
(3) Bandaid 8-count travel size @ .49 each
(2) Planters Peanuts B1G1F $4.49
Total after coupons .95 + .59 NJ Tax = $1.54 (paid with gift card)"

Roseann Giannone


"Since moving to OK from NC good stock pile deals have been few and far between but this Halloween was a wonderful deal.  I had received 12 $2 off Silk Almond Milk coupons from a friend, but they all expired on 10-31!  So I gathered my coupons and when I went to work for a 12 hour shift we were looking at the paper and Homeland was having a wonderful sale! They even had Quaker Instant Oatmeal at $2.50 each.  So I gathered my 6 internet printed coupons, my $2 off Silk coupons, and some cents off from Green Giant that I had found.  After coupon the Silk Almond milk was only $.79 each, the Quaker $.50 each,  the Green Giant canned veggies were on $.50 each and the Little Debbies were $.99 each.  And to make things even better the manager let me use 2 coupons for Silk Nog because they didn't have any more of the Almond milk. Usually the store will only take one coupon for an item but the manager said that only applies to coupons $1 or less, since they double up to $1.  Mine were $2 off except for the cents off of Green Giant. Imperial sugar rang up $1.50 each limit 2 though.    I picked up all of this stuff for a little over $28.XX  not a bad day for me.  My kids were happy to have oatmeal and the Little Debbies are a nice treat." Catherine Rogers
"I just started couponing in January of this year.  Unfortunately where we live, we don't have a lot of  the coupon deals that I see constantly on Deal Divas.  Finally, I have an unbelievable deal to report.  A $2.00 off any bag of Purina One Dog and Cat food came out.  The local Kmarts had sample bags for $.99.  Thanks to,  I was able to get multiple coupons of both cat and dog food.  This is what I got for a total of $3.56 including tax:
Purina One Dog Food: 
75    6oz sample bags
1      18 lb. bag
1       34 lb. bag
1        8 lb. bag
Purina Cat Food: 
70      6 oz sample bags
2        3.5 lb bags
6         7 lb bags
The cashier was absolute amazed! I got almost $300 dollars worth of cat and dog food for $3.56.  My daughter (in the picture) loves to go shopping with me and is my official coupon holder.  We have been able to bless others with the extra food as well as the local animal shelter.  Thank you for this wonderful website.  You are a Blessing!!!!  I love to coupon!!!!!!!!!!!"  Susan Lewis, TN
Winner -- December RefundCents Front Cover Contest Winner

"At 7 months, my daughter Berkley is becoming a seasoned coupon vet!  It started when she was just 11 days old with the Toys R Us board game sale.  Now when we walk into Rite Aid, they greet her by name!  This great deal that we read about on chat was so much fun.  We were able to get 68 bags of candy for free plus a profit thanks to the $5/25 coupons, rolling UP Rewards, & one very well stocked store.  This picture shows Berkley with what we have left after sharing some with family & neighbors.  The rest will be used for the Firehouse's food drive for Christmas.  Whoever says couponing isn't worth the time, just isn't doing something right!!" Jennifer Brenner, Pa
Winner -- December RefundCents Back Cover Contest Winner

"My kids and I had a great time picking out all this candy!  We did the deal a total of 5 times and got bunches of candy.  We went to 3 different stores and they all had a great selection so we didn't have to worry about emptying the shelves.  Some of their favorites are the Cow Tails, caramels, and Skittles.  I did a few of the deals with my youngest daughter (the purple fairy) and the little dragon.  We started out with several of the coupons good for the Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids-a favorite of all the kids.  We used those and 4 $5 off $25 coupons to bring the totals way down.  I used +Up Rewards from the J&J deal the week before to pay the balance of our first purchase and just owed tax.  I was a bit nervous at first thinking it may not work but sure enough I got the $1 off for each one and then the $2 for each $5.00.  We then did 4 more deals using as many coupons as I could manage to get just rolling the rewards each time.  I think I ended up about $10.00 ahead by the time the glitch got fixed.  It was really exciting watching the extra rewards spit out every time.  The cashiers couldn't believe it.  I think I got about 28 bags of candy and I paid just tax.  
The picture has our four kids in their (finally finished) Halloween costumes.  I have been working on them a few hours a night for almost 2 weeks!  We have a dragon, a dark knight, and two fairies.  They have been anxiously waiting for me to finish all the costumes so we could take their picture amidst all the candy.  They are learning that coupons and paying attention to sales is well worth it!  They even love checking through the mail with me for any samples or coupons we may get.  They are all hoping that they get to be in the magazine! Thanks"  Jennifer Fugere

Winner -- December RefundCents Inside Front Cover Contest Winner

"Here is my daughter Maria and all our recent Rite Aid Loot! Basically it came down to this: $150.77 in coupons redeemed, $159.18 Ups earned, out of pocket was actually $47.88! I had read on Chat that there were unadvertised clearance deals: Starbucks coffee (regularly 9.49 was only 2.37), Skippy peanut butter was ringing up at .74 each, Oral B Vitality Toothbrushes (regularly priced at 23.99 was only 11.99). Fortunately I have four Rite Aids within a 10 mile radius and was able to scope them all out for these and the weekly Up deals. It's ridiculous how many times I've been to Rite Aid in the past month, but well worth it!
I was able to pick up the Vitality Toothbrushes for 1.99 each after the $10 coupon Starbucks Coffee bags for only 1.87 a bag after 1.50 coupon
Skippy Peanut Butter for only .48 for 2 jars, after 1.00 off 2 coupon.
Then there was the candy deal which I read about on a Thursday and ended on a Friday, boy was that fun!! We ended up with 22 bags, getting all our money back in Up rewards each time.
The Nyquil Sinex was a money-maker last week. The Sinex was on sale for $4.99-$4 coupon only .99, then received a $1.50 Up reward per box!!
The Icy Hot was on sale for 4.99-l.00 coupon-1.00 Up reward received, making the price only 2.99 a bottle.
The Crest and Oral B toothbrushes were all free after Up Rewards as well as making money by using coupons too.
The Gain dish detergent was free after 1.00 coupon again.
Needless to say Rite Aid is my new favorite place to be!! Thanks for all the help Refund Cents Members and Michelle!" Teresa Davis


"Thanks to a fellow RC'er, I went to Rite Aid to score some nearly free Halloween candy.  I enlisted my mom to babysit the kids, while I did my Rite Aid sweep.  I went to the closest Rite Aid first -- they're pretty coupon friendly.  I "tested" the UPs by buying just two bags of candy.  I paid $5 for two bags and out popped $5 in UPs!  Well, I told the cashier that I would need to get some more candy -- so I went and got four more bags.  Once again, the UPs printed -- I used the UPs from the first transaction to pay to minimize my OOP cost.  I looked at the cashier and exclaimed "Sweet! - Literally!"  She smiled and I went on my way to another Rite Aid where I got several more bags of candy.  For some reason, a couple of the $1 UPs didn't print, but I wasn't concerned.  I figured that it was a really good deal anyway.  Altogether, I ended up with 14 bags of Starburst, Skittles, Werther's, Tootsie Roll pops, Lifesavers, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids and Blow Pops.  Enough for the trick or treaters and a few bags for ourselves.  Pictured is my six month old baby surrounded by the bags of candy -- none of which he'll actually even get to taste!  Although, he did enjoy playing with the bags!" Katherine L., DE 

"Here are my very experienced helpers Dannie and Chance who have grown up with Mom as the Coupon Queen – the first time they made it into Refund Cents they were only 6 and 3 posing with Pampers Perks freebies and Scooby Doo tickets!!! Now they are 11 and 14 and are glad to help when it’s a box of their favorite cereal!!! Our local TVB station, Channel 11 sponsors a summer cereal drive to help kids who would normally receive free meals at school. Our local store Knights lowered their prices to $1 a box to encourage donations to the drive. My son Chance is holding the ad that started it all. I saw the ad and thought WOW …I have coupons for 70cents off one box !!! After purchasing a total of  22 boxes, I paid @ $7.70 for 11 which I stockpiled for my kids’ school year and then I bought another 11 boxes  @ $3.30 which I donated to Hope’s Closet (a local food bank). The cereal bowls and bags were a bonus that made a sweet deal even sweeter!" Amy Fletcher, Austin, AR               

"Getting Ready for Winter! Two awesome weeks with Rite Aid having cold medicine, cough drops, nasal sprays, children's cough medicine, rubs, immune system drinks, and heat wraps all on rebate; that makes for a money-maker! The cost of the products was $128.23. I split up the transactions into $25 so I could use more $5/$25 coupons, boosting my profits.  Everything was free because of the rebates and some of the products had coupons to boot, so I ended up made a profit of $57.76!!"
Aimee Stevens
"First stop was Victoria's Secret.  I had 2 coupons for 10 pair of panties for $25 and a free pair of panties plus $10/1 bra.  They were also having a in-store special spend $75 get the Bombshell shirt free a $27 value.  I ended up paying $68.45 for 11 pair of panties, a bra, and a t-shirt.  Second stop was Walgreens they had a sale bogo 50% off on Maybelline which of course I had coupons for $2/1.  I also found the Glade candles on clearance for .87 cents I had coupons for $2/2 Glade candles.  They paid me .13 per candle. I love getting paid to shop.  For 6 candles and 2 Dream Matte powders I paid $7.48 for 6 candles, a cars bowl (my son loves cars) and 2 face powders .  Heb was having a great sale that if you bought 10 Boxtop for Education items you got a $5 oyno coupon.  I bought 10 Bisquik pancake mixes. They were on sale for .79 each so I got ten for $7.90.  Then I used my $5 oyno to buy 3 Betty Crocker single serve potato pouches.  They cost .73 each but there was a coupon for .40 of one so I ended up paying .34 cents for each pouch.  Then I used 2 yellow in-store coupons for $1/1 Betty Crocker fruit snacks final price for the fruit pouches was $1.  They also had a yellow in-store coupon for buy Fruit Gushers and get a free 8 pack of  Juicy Juice boxes.  There was also a manufacturer's coupon for .50/2 Fruit Rollups or Fruit Gushers.  I also had some of those free Dole bowl coupons left from the mail in offer at the first of the year.  Final price for 10 Bisquik pancake mixes, 3 Betty Crocker Potato pouches, 2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 3 Fruit Gushers, 3 Dole fruit cups and 3 packs of juice boxes was $6.89 plus I have a $5 oyno coupons.   When I left that day I had budgeted $100 for the day. My husband told me he didn't think I could do it especially since I was going to Victoria's Secret.  But surprise surprise I was right I only spent $90.69."  Brandy Vasquez

What a Spoo – tacular Deal

"We just went Krogering.  I just purchased 10 40-loads, 67 oz Tide washing powders, 1-Tide stain release, 36, and 16 dawn dish detergents.  The Tides were 4.99 with the sale, the tide stain release was 5.99, and the dawns were 10/$10. The coupons used were 11 – Tide $3.00 coupons, I had a $3 e-coupon for Tide, and 16- .50 coupons for the dawn.  The total spent o.o.p. was approximately $23.00.  The Dawns were completely free with the coupons, with the e-coupon, the Tide Stain Release was free, and $3 off each of the other ten Tides." - Barbara Thomas

"Normally, I do not report my Wal-Mart shops.  But I thought this to be good.  I purchased 20 Glade Sense and Spray, @ $5 each, 1-Glade Lasting Impression @ $5, 18 Gain dish detergents @ .97, and 12 Sunbelt granola/fruit jammers @ $2, 2-jellos, and 6-4-pks of White Cloud toilet tissues @ $2 each. The total before coupons was $189.68; after coupons: $79.10.  The coupons used were 20- $3 off Glade sense & spray, 1- $3 off Lasting Impression, 18 - $1 off Gain dish detergent, 6- b1g1 on the Sunbelts snacks, and 6- $1 off White Cloud toilet paper." Barbara Thomas

"This is my daughter Elizabeth and me with our Amazing Meow Mix deal. Publix had their market select cat food for .50 cents each. With the $1.00/2 Market select coupon I was able to buy 144 single cans for .....$.04 cents!!!  My cats are so happy, and I am so happy. I will not have to buy cat food until January.  The total before coupons was $77.04.  I used one $5.00 off $50.00 coupon and 72  $1.00/2 coupons. My husband said if I include the price for the newspapers and clipping service the total would be $10.00 and that would make each can $.07 each. Either way I am still amazed. Thank you." Stella Moser

"BOO, were you scared???? My children were when I got ready to hand the cashier at Walgreens last week 26 coupons and Register Rewards. Luckily, the cashier was also a coupon clipper and completely understood my pile of coupons I handed HIM... that's right, him! He took every single coupon with no questions asked. Here's what I got:  2 Purex 3-in-1 laudry sheets, 2 packs Huggies wipes, 1 pack of Huggies diapers, 8 packs of Dixie plates, 2 packs of Dixie napkins, 2 Folger coffees, 2 packs of Always pads, 2 packs of Stride gum, 4 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls (not pictured), a tube of saline nose spray, and 6 Reese peanut butter cups (fillers of course). My total out of pocket was $44.68, but I got back $8 in Register Rewards, so final total was $36.66. Not to bad considering I think my total before coupons was around $90. I wonder how scared my children will be when I try to top 26 coupons next week???" Lori Locke

"Shopping at Rite Aid is my favorite hobby, though I'm sure my hubby would tell you it's much more like an addiction! Each Saturday afternoon I sit down with my beloved laptop and the planning phase begins.  I check out different blogs and forums to see the hot deals for Rite Aid that will start the next day.  After an hour of reading and finding the best scenarios, I cut and paste all of them into my MS Word shopping list (divided by category, which makes it so much easier for me once I get to the store). Then on to the gathering stage, printing out any IP coupons I may need, as well as Video Value coupons and any $5 off $25 purchase coupons for Rite Aid.  I then pull out any manufacturer coupons that match up with my shopping list for that week.  All of these go into my handy little coupon file that I have just for Rite Aid. Fits perfectly in my purse and everything's in one place! 

Here's a look at one of my recent Rite Aid hauls on 10/24/10:
I did 2 of the same transactions:
10 NYC cosmetics (mix and match of lip gloss, mascara, and concealers), $1.99 each= $19.90
10 NYC nail polishes (get one free for each cosmetic I purchased above)
1 Aveeno Nourish Shampoo, $5.99
Subtotal: $25.89

Coupons Used:
$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
$1 off any NYC cosmetic (from x 2
$1 off any Aveeno item (from
$4 off any Aveeno hair care (October Video Value coupon)
$13.89 and used $13.00 in UP rewards from last week, paid $0.89 on my RA gift card from the Huggies SCR deal last month
And the best part of all...received $20 in UP rewards from the NYC cosmetics and a $1 UP reward for Aveeno
DRUMROLL....that's a $7.11 moneymaker per transaction and a 6 foot long Rite Aid receipt!!
Can't wait to throw this makeup into my Christmas gift baskets along with all those free candles I've been stockpiling!"
Melanie Brawley Vancouver, WA
General Mills Windfall
Read how I purchased 28 boxes of Cereal for $14.00 and received coupons for 7 FREE gallons of Milk
My local Stop and Shop advertised ALL General Mills cereal on sale 4 for $8 ($2.00 each). PLUS with each purchase of 4 you get a coupon from the Catalina Machine for a FREE gallon of milk.  My family goes through LOTS of cereal and this was the perfect time to stock up for the winter.  I did this in 2 separate trips to the store each with my 2 children in tow.  They got to pick out the cereal and stack it in the cart.   To make this deal even better I had 28 coupons for 75cents off General Mills cereal.  Since my Stop and Shop doubles coupons I ended up getting each box of cereal for 50cents.  The deal worked like this:
28 Boxes of Cereal at $2.00 each
less 75 cent coupons doubled to $1.50 each box
Total:  50 cents per box
BONUS:  Received coupon for free gallon of milk with every 4 boxes
Total :  7 Gallons of Milk and 28 boxes of cereal for $14.00
I was so excited to do this deal. We go through a gallon of milk every 2 days so the milk coupons will come in handy for the next few weeks.  Every once in a while a deal like this comes along and I enjoy taking advantage of it.  I am always on the lookout each week for supermarket deals I can combine coupons with to maximize value.  It is both fun and rewarding.  I am also teaching my children the benefits of double coupons by having them "add" with their calculators to find out the true savings of each coupon.  It keeps them busy while I am shopping the isles.   They also like to go through the weekly circulars that arrive from the supermarkets each week and cirlce what they think we need at our house.    My daughter arranged the cereal boxes on the kitchen table  for this photo.  I look forward to continuing to save money and teach my children the benefits of planning ahead.  I encourage each family to do the same.  Good Luck."  
C. Meckley
Port Jefferson, NY
"I had a lot of fun shopping this week and got some great deals!
6 Kraft salad dressings $.17 each
2 Pompeian olive oil FREE
12 Jello FREE
5 Ronzoni pasta FRE
14 Campbell's kids soups $.10 each
6 Del Monte tomatoes $.60 each

3 Nutrigrain bars 3/$10
1 Diet Coke 12 pack $2.99
1 Schick Hydro razor $7.99
2 bags M&Ms 2/$5
I was able to roll ECBs and use a $3/$15 to get all that for only $1.41!

7 Bumble Bee Tuna pouches FREE
2 Schick Disposable razors B1G1 - B1G1 cpn= FREE
12 Crest toothpastes FREE
Dial handsoap $.30

So, for all that pictured, I only spent $7.73!!
Like I said, it was a fun week!!" Julie B
"It all started midweek when I read on Chit Chat about an awesome deal at Rite Aid where Sinful Nail polish was on clearance for 99c and producing $1 UPS reward on each one you purchased!  I quickly gathered up my coupons and previous UPS rewards and ran out to our local Rite Aid with my 8 yr old daughter. 
    When we arrived I found a huge display with over 60+ sinful nail polishes and had no idea which ones were the clearance as nothing was marked.  I saw my favorite manager and asked her if she would use her "magic gun" to check them for me.  She was super nice and went through scanning all of them and pointing out which ones were clearance.  I loaded up a basket and headed to the register.  I believe we had 21 that time and I quickly realized if I added another $4 worth of items, I could use a $5 off $25.  I looked at it as if I was getting something for $4 for free.  My daughter saw a buzz lightyear activity set and grabbed it for her little brother putting my total right at $25.  So I used the $5 off $25 coupon and $20 in UPS rewards which I got the previous week from a candy deal and I paid the tax and out spit $21 more $1 UPS rewards!!!!
    My daughter was so excited as she is at the age when she loves playing with makeup and painting nails.  I was so happy I could let her get the polishes and not have to say the dreaded, "No, not until it goes on sale".  She was so happy to pick the fun colors that when we got home, she decided she wanted blue/green fingernails and yellow (yes, yellow) toenails!  Her little sister wanted in on the action as well; so she picked hot pink for her nails and deep purple for her toes!
    After a couple days, I got that "itch"~you fellow couponers know the feeling!  So I decided to go on a hunt and we visited several other Rite Aids and my little girl would walk in and look for those polishes!  We had just gotten our newsletter from the local women's shelter with their wish lists and each year they collect 70+ of an item to do up Christmas bags for the women & children in the shelter on Christmas day.  So we went with that in mind.  It would have been a miracle to find that many! 
    So after all said and done, we ended up with over 150 polishes total!!!!  We found enough to send to the women's shelter AND for us to add to gift bags for friends and family!  We also lucked up and found some of the Oh La La polishes which another fellow couponer posted on chit chat.  They were ringing up only 25c each and each one produced a $1 UPS reward!!
    After 150+ polishes at different stores plus the $5 off $25 coupon added to the transactions and many, many items thrown in we ended with $91.00 in UPS rewards!!!!!!  We were also able to purchase 5 sinex products, 8 boxes of Kudos, 6 boxes of sweetner, 12 king sized candy bars, a few toys for the little ones, 2 boxes of tea, and 2 oral b vitality toothbrushes in combination with that $5 coupon & UPS! 
    This deal wasn't only a deal because of the free product PLUS all the UPS rewards, but stretched MUCH further by giving me and my girls special Mommy/Daughter time as well as teaching them to give to others.  My oldest daughter was so excited to pull them out and pick the colors she wanted to give to the shelter and which colors she wanted to give to her friends.  That is something I couldn't BUY my daughter."   Rebecca V., AL 
"Great trips to Rite Aid today.  I was a little unsure at first which of the Sinful Nail Polishes were .99 on sale, so my 1st trip wasn't as great as I had hopes.  Transaction one, 2 polishes, one at .99cents and one at $1.99.  My cost oop was $3.16, with (2) 1$Up Rewards.  Ok, I am getting a bit better, 2nd transaction, 26 polishes, BIGI 50%, 32.56 cash oop, with (26) $1Up Rewards printed.  At this point I have figured out which ones are on sale for .99cents.   It does get better, 3rd transaction, 27 polishes, (26)Up Rewards used, $3.53 cash, oop, (27) $1Up Rewards given with reciept.  Next transaction, 10 polishes, (10) Up Rewards used, .95cents cash oop.  Last transaction, 23 polishes, (22) Up Rewards, $2.32 cash oop.  My total number of Sinful Nail Polishes was 86, with an oop cost of 44.51, and (23) $1 Up Rewards that printed with last receipt.  So overall it was a good day, my daughter is thrilled, these will make great goody bag stuffers!  $44.51 oop - 23Up Rewards = $21.51 /86 = .25 each  Pretty Good!" Marianne C, CT
"Here are some pictures of my Safeway trip today.  I'm still new at this but thanks to Refund Cents you made this happen.  My first transaction was $24.44 I saved $26.18 only a savings of 52%.  But if you combine it with my 2nd transaction of $8.13 I saved another $67.18 with a savings of 92%.  I walked out of there with all of this pictured for only $32.57.  4 gal of milk, 2-4 packs of yogurt, 2 boxes of ziploc bags, 2 packs of paper plates, 2 jars of spaghetti sauce, 2 boxes of spaghetti noodles, 3 boxes of cereal, 4 cans of Campbells soup, 4 cans of Progresso soup, 4 packs of Totinos pizza, 2-3 packs of soap, 2 bottles of hand soap, 18 Renuzits, 1 bag of carrots, 1.5lbs of ground meat, 5 pears, 1 container of coffee.  I was able to do that with manufactured coupons, Safeway coupons, Safeway Catalinas, and Walgreens Catalinas (my store accepts them cause they are a manufactured coup.) Thanks RefundCents!!!!" Tiffani Flood, AZ 

"I'm the white haired one, 87 years old. I was asked to speak to a group of ladies, who knew next to nothing about coupons, so I took my old Refundcents magazines along, passed them out to 14 ladies, still a lot to be gleaned from them, talked about an hour, about all the goodies, the fun, the work, the deals, and about the money you can save using coupons, about Refundcents, Michele's updates, the centsible chat, and my daughter-in law Wanda Majors took my picture, holding a Refundcents magazine. Just had to send it to you." EJ Mills

"We received a flyer about a week ago from the Hillside Secret Santa program here in Rochester, NY, which listed items that the more than 5,000 children and teens in residence there would appreciate for Christmas. Hillside is a safe place for children to live while their families cope with difficulties, or where children awaiting parents stay. My daughter decided that we should donate items to make sure the kids had a nice holiday. I saw that makeup was a Top 10 wish for the teens and suggested that we watch for deals at our local stores. Wouldn't you know it, last Sunday I saw on RefundCents that Rite Aid had a great promotion on NYC cosmetics - buy an eye, face or lip item for at least $1.99 and receive a free nail polish. Each item purchased over $1.99 generated a $1 UP Reward, meaning that for each pair of eye liner or lip gloss plus nail polish purchased, we would pay $1.99 and receive $2 in UP Rewards. Starting with a $1.99 investment, we started rolling those UP Rewards at all our local Rite Aid stores, making sure not to clear any one out. By Thursday evening, Amanda had collected 108 items to donate (as shown). With two more days of shopping, she is now up to 158 items to give. She is excited to bring all her gifts to Hillside in the next couple of weeks. Total cost? $11.85 in tax."  - Marcia Turner
Got Post-It Notes?

"Here are 140 Post-It Notes that I got completely free at Walmart (especially since there is no tax in New Hampshire.)  The tower is being toppled by my beautiful cats Jasmine and her sister Maddie that I found abandoned with their 8 kittens which were only two days old. 

In the past I have submitted the 3M $10.00 rebate for only Post-It Notes and have received the rebate. I plan on submitted it again this time. One time at Walmart I had such a great cashier that I bought 40 Post-Its in one transaction. I would have bought more, but I only had forty coupons on me. I found that when buying large quantities, the cashiers appreciate grouping your transactions. For example, when I bought the 40 Post-It Notes I had the cashier ring in 10 at a time and then I handed him 10 coupons at a time. By doing this I insured that none of my coupons were missed and I got a credit for every one that I bought.

What do I plan to do with all my Post-It Notes? I work as a substitute teacher in a school and I plan to give them out as gifts to the teachers. I donate a lot of my purchases to the local Food Pantry and Helping Hands, an organization that gives to needy people." An avid coupon user, Deborah B

"Food Lion started their amazing deal and by accident I had  bought 3 Aquapod waters cases  for 1.00 each and got a 3.00 o.n.o. coupon. So I tried it to see if it would roll and low and behold it did.. I paid 23 cents each time I bought 3 packs but I had to buy three at a time or it wouldn't print a coupon. I tried 6 and only 1 coupon.. I donated 25 to my birth-to-three preschool for special needs kids and 12 to my 2nd grade daughter's teacher, and 13 to my 6th grade daughters teacher. I have 50 in my cabinet and 10 in my car for emergencies, with four kids that's all the time, sent some to my mother (5cases), mother-in-law (12cases), and sister-in-laws (12cases). After all donations and my own house we ended up getting 145 cases (each case has 8 bottles .... ) so final count was 1,160 bottles of water for tax only plus I still had a few 3.00 coupons left and bought diapers, dog food, and baby medicine. One day I  let my older girls build a castle for the pic and my son knocked it down soon after last pic was taken. I've gotten many cheap and free things from reading RefundCents online and magazine. I've taught a coupon class and donate as much as possible. My friends and family call me the coupon queen but i am nothing compared to some of these people." Sabrina

"Here is a picture of a deal I did at Kroger this week.  I purchased 80 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce for  56 cents.  That’s right. With the special Kroger is running, it takes $5 off the purchase of 10 participating items.  The bbq sauce has coupons on them for 25 cent that then doubles to 50 cent. That along with minus $5 from Kraft makes your total 7 cent for every ten you purchase.  What a way to donate some food items. It even took away some of the taxes." Barbara Thomas


"Hello! Here is my 7 week old baby girl! She's sweeter than all the candy in the world! I sure had a great time getting all that free RiteAid candy!" Augusta Quinn

"I came home from work last night, and this is what I was welcomed home by; it was such a great surprise!  My sister is currently funemployed (unemployed by choice), and she has been having a blast putting together these great deals.  All of this stuff came from Tom Thumb/Safeway, with their buy 10, get $5 off promotion last week.  What is not pictured is 5 free Kraft Philly's and a frozen Stouffer's.  She scanned and sent me the receipt from her first trip, which was 10.83, but for which she already completed and mailed the MIR for the cereal.  I think both cereals are eligible for MIR.  It is great for me, because she'll email me what cpns to clip each night, I'll leave them for her, and she'll pick them up and do the deals.  She's my personal cpn/deal maker fairy- which I love.  And she has far surpassed me in her CVS-ing too! Thanks!" Regina Uhl

"I went shopping today and managed to get an awesome deal on all of the kitty and dog treats in the attached photo. Total cost for all the yummies for our pets? $15! Giant Eagle and Petco both had some wonderful sales going, and with all of my coupons, I was able to get quite a bit of goodies for my babies. Pictured is Smoke Moriarty Zhivago, our piggy kitty." Stacy Cantrell
"This is ONE of my latest deals. Right Guard B1G1F had coupons all were free, Halls cough drops on clearance at Rite Aid for $1.00 had co for $4.00 off. Renpure shampoo double packs $6.99 free after rebate plus the free bottle attached, got 6 of them. Cereal, hard to see, in the back. Cheerios on sale at Shaws $1. peelies on front of box all free. Kelloggs Cinnamon corn flakes, &Fiber Plus free after rebate, plus co, making a overage to me, Post it notes, some free, with co, from Walmart and some .49 at Rite aid Using ECB, Up rewards and wags. Total oop was $2.49 mostly on tax. Gotta love it." Molly Ursillo
"Here is a picture of my 5 y/o granddaughter Ryann with our next-to-free haul of goodies from Walmart. I bought 11 trial sized Tides (all free), 11 J & J First Aid kits (all free), and 7 trial sized Degree deodorants. After all was said and done, OOP I only spent .88, and most of it was tax!" - Sandie Bowlin

Winner of Front Page November issue Contest --

"Four sisters on a mission! Never pay full price for diapers again! My sisters and I truly enjoy shopping and saving money for our families and we keep an eye out for each other when it comes to deals for items that we use or may be able to use. Even our kids will search out coupons for us during our shopping/savings trips whether it be at the grocery, retail or drugstore. Here are our latest bargains that we managed to pick up this last month at Rite Aid and CVS.......  

14 jumbo packages of Huggies diapers
8 boxes of Pampers diapers
9 Johnson & Johnson baby products
14 Tylenol Precise
3 Cortizone
13 Herbashine Garnier hair color
2 Garnier shampoo & conditioner
12 Axe body washes
2 John Frieda hair stylers
2 LaCross nail implements
12 Nivea tins
1 Maybelline Stilleto mascara
3 Crest toothpastes
6 Reach toothbrushes
6 Listerine pocket packs
2 Listerine mouth wash
1 Listerine Zero mouth wash
6 Swiss Miss hot chocolate
10 Quaker instant oatmeal
All items were purchased at Rite Aid other than the two coolers which were bought at CVS. Total for all items purchased $655.10 before tax. After all discounts, UP rewards and gift cards used and expected to receive the total comes to $103.65 before tax. Mission successful thanks to Michelle, refundcents and OP. Pictured here are my sister's son and my daughters."  - Luisa Delgado 

Winner Back Page Picture Contest November issue --

"My son, Liam, is happily posing with our diaper tower that we built in his room to show off mom's past few weeks of shopping at Rite Aid. I go every day on my lunch break (we all know what it's like to shop with a little one!) to one of five Rite Aid stores that are within a ten minute drive from my office. When I saw the excited posts on chat about the multiple +UP rewards printing with the Johnson's, I quickly requested some extra coupons on the Refund Cents trading board and traded for some with friends at work. I was really busy that week, so I was only able to go 3 or four times- but we still made out with a lot of baby products! All for a profit with the $5/$25 and +UP rewards. I was thrilled to see the Huggies go on sale only two weeks later! Here I printed coupons from the websites that Michelle posted and once again, traded with some folks at the office before heading out to Rite Aid several times throughout the week. All in all- I ended up with 30 bottles of Johnson's baby products and 20 packages of Huggies diapers and Pull-Ups. I started out with a gift card from a previous Rite Aid SCR (I don't even remember which one!). With coupons, rolling +UP rewards, and a SCR gift card, I have made a small profit! All of this will go to my sister who just had a baby, teachers in my son's day care classroom, and on the shelf for future baby #2! Thanks so much!!" - Sandra Yancy

Winner Inside Front Page November Issue --


"We purchased 18 packages of Huggies and 4 packages of Huggies refill packs. Total purchase price was $266.89; I paid $57.73. That is a savings of $209.16!!!! I just started couponing and am very disappointed at how often I used to pay full price for diapers/wipes. However, I look forward to my new saving every week." Nicole Lawson


"First off I would like to thank my friend and co-worker Maria Lopez and her daughter Jennifer for telling me about the Refundcents web site!  I've been cutting coupons since the spring; but never the way these two ladies have taught me.  I never really cared for Publix and refused to shop there but, after I was mentored on how to check the weekly sales ad and combine manufacturer coupons with Publix coupons I was hooked!  Especially when the have a BOGO sale and recently Publix had a 50% off Kellogg's cereal sale the weekend of September 18-19th.  I saved over $20 and spent only $10 for 8 boxes that usually cost $4.99 a box!  I know my favorite place to go is CVS.  I just recently found out about scanning your  Extra Care Card before you start shopping so you can get even more deals that day.  That really worked out for me because I received a coupon for Xtra detergent 2/$2 down from 2/$4.  Also, they had a shopping cart near the register where Wisk was 50% off.  So I definitely grabbed a few and pulled out coupons to use on them.  Then I noticed a 100 oz. ALL detergent in the cart. I asked the cashier, my friend Whitney , if it was a mistake being it was by itself in with the Wisk.  She said no it's on sale for $6 down from $12! I grabbed the ALL and used a ECB for $4.99!  I think that Family Dollar is also a nice place to catch deals too.  Back in August I had several $3 off Wisk coupons and they had a sale where Wisk was $4!  Need I say more I paid a $1 a bottle!  I bought 7 bottles between two stores because the first store only had one bottle left.  Even  when it comes to diapers for my 14 month old son Gavin its easy, Target is where I can combine their online Huggies coupons with manufacturer coupons and pay 89 cents for wipes.  The boxed Huggies came from combining a Target sale, Target coupon, and manufacturer coupon.  The Pampers are kind of hard to catch on sale sometimes but, Winn-Dixie had a 3 week sale that ended September 21st where they were $8.99 and I had a $4 catalina for Pampers so I made out good when I went there over the 3 week sale period.  My 9 year old son Tyson helped me setup for the picture.  We had to figure out  a way to keep Gavin from knocking down everything.  So a light bulb went on in my head and I said to myself,  "wait I have a Bumbo chair!"  Thanks for putting out an outstanding web site and magazine for those who value the dollar."  Redah Hudson-Douglas  Haines City, FL
"Here's my son Patrick with his cheesy grin and all of my cheap Kraft cheese. Meijer ran a promotion when if you bought $15 in cheese products you would receive a $5 OYNO catalina.  Kraft had printable coupons for $5 off 5 products.  I had printed off the coupons a few weeks and got cheese slices (20 of them) and then the coupon re-set and I was able to go back and get 20 bars of block cheese.  The cheese slices were on sale for 3 for $5 and the block cheese was 3 for $5.  The cheese slices and block cheese ended up being $6.50 for 10 and then I got $5 OYNO coupon (which didn't roll).  It's a true rarity when you can get such a great deal on slice and block cheese so this deal was greatly appreciated!" Dawn Green

"It was so fun to brag to my other Mom friends that I got 15 bottles of Juicy Juice for $3.50! Meijer was running Juicy Juice at 3/$4.   In addition there were Meijer Mealbox coupons for $1 off 3, combined with manufactuer coupons for $1 off 2, and then a $3 OYNO catalina popped out every time you bought 5.  We got in on this deal with only six hours left, so I only had my coupons from my Sunday paper subscriptions. If I had known ahead of time I would have stocked up on more.  Just goes to show you that you need to stay on top of things on Centsible Chat!" Dawn Green


"This by far was the best deal of last winter. I believe it was back in March when Walgreens had a catalina offer on Bayer Meters. Previously Walgreens had a deal where there were manufactuer coupons to get the meters free and you would recieve a $5 OYNO catalina.  Somebody discovered that if you purcahsed a regular meter and contour meter (one green, one blue) you would get (2) $5 meters and a bonus $4 OYNO coupon. The initial outlay was tax on this product and then you recieved $14!  I had a few coupons from my Sunday papers but a nice RC trader helped me out. She had many coupons to trade, so she sent them to me and in addition I would send her the $5 OYNO. I was able to get over $100 in catalinas that I used towards baby formula, toilet paper,milk, eggs, and other items that normally never go on sale. The best feeling was taking over thirty meters to a local home for the indigent and the smile on the director's faced." Dawn Green 

'One potato, two potato, three potato, THIRTY FOUR!' Here's my haul from Meijer of Betty Crocker instant potatoes. In addition to the potatoes being on sale (with manufacturer coupons available) it made these potatoes free after a OYNO catalina popped out when you bought 5 boxes.   We don't eat boxed potatoes, so it was so wonderful dropping all of these off at a local food pantry at no cost to me!" Dawn Green 



"Nothing like getting in on a sale on the very last day. I had called my sister the other Saturday and at the end of our conversation she said, "Are you going to Rite Aid for the J&J Baby products?"  I had not been on Chat for a while, so I got the scoop, rounded up all of the coupons I could and headed up there. Johnson & Johnson baby products were on sale for $3.99, had a $2 up reward per each one, and there were $1 off coupons in the newspaper, and $1 Video Value Coupons.  In addition, when you bought 8 it printed out an bonus $10 UP reward for some reason. There was not limit on the deal. The store was pretty well stocked, enough for me to do the deal twice then head to another Rite Aid and do two more transactions there. All in all I ended up with 32 bottles of baby shampoo, powder, lotion, Desitin, and bath wash.  I redeemed (4) $5 off 25 Rite Aid printable coupons, $28 worth of manufacturer coupons (including one video value coupon). My initial purchase was paid for with gift cards from Rx transfer offers so I paid no 'cash' out of my pocket.  In addition to the Up rewards, my store let me roll them and use as many as the registers would let me each time, minimizing my OOP expense overall. I ended up $137.00 in J&J Products and $32 in Up Rewards to use in the future.  What a great deal!" Dawn Green

My Best Deals

"I have been enjoying our refunding hobby very much over the last few months. Here is a photo of some of the best deals I've made with my two future deal makers, my son Kristian and daughter, Maria. The Marcal Small Steps is an ongoing deal for me. I could easily say that I have gotten at least 50 rolls of paper towels, tissue boxes, and toilet paper made by Marcal over the last year or so. I use the Free up to .99 coupon that they keep printing in Sunday inserts to get them all for free at Market Basket a few at a time. We go through alot of paper towels at our house so it really has come in handy! A while back there were $3.00 off coupons for the Tide Release products, (I think there are current $3 coupons too right now),these I also used at MarketBasket. The regular price was $5.99 less the $3 coupon making them only 2.99 each. This is a great product that really works. I was also able to use the receipt to send away for a Nerf Back to School Offer. This offer said if you buy $25 worth of P&G products you would get a free Nerf outdoor set in the mail. We're still waiting for it, but I just love to do these "Double Dip" kind of deals. Thanks to Chat, the Tugaboos trial packs have been free for a while now, with $1.00 off coupons in the packages. I have gotten at least 25 packages free this way and pass them along to my sister who has four little ones under 4! I love being able to help my family and especially my sisters with this hobby! They don't usually leave my house without taking what they need from my stockpile. The 14 bottles of the new Gain dish detergent was all free from Rite Aid and Walmart. I love trying new products as well as stocking up. I have come to realize that when a deal comes up (like being able to get the Gain dish soap free with the recent P&G 1.00 off coupon) that it's best to buy the coupons online. I like buying coupons from I ordered twice from her right away when I heard about the $3.00 Wisk coupons. I thought this is going to be good like the $3.00 coupon that came out for Snuggle a while back. I was able to get 5 bottles for 1.00 each at Family Dollar (the cashier asked me where he could get some of those coupons:). I bought the rest at Walmart for 1.97 each after coupon. I still have more to use so I hope a deal comes up before they expire.

Just a couple of days ago I heard in one of Michelle's updates that there was a great deal to roll at Rite Aid with Johnson and Johnson products. The only problem: I read about it the day the deal ended!! So after pulling all my coupons and getting my list ready, and jotting the math down so it was precise, I headed out the door with only an hour to spare before the 2 Rite Aid stores in my town closed! It worked so well, I really wished I had a few more days to go back. On my first trip I spent $10.04 and received $22.00 back in Up Rewards! I felt like I found the new CVS or at least what CVS used to be like when the extra bucks were more plentiful. The second trip I doubled my order (the deal was to purchase $30 or more and receive $10 in Up Rewards). I knew I had to get my total to up over $60 to qualify for 2 of the $10 Up Rewards. After coupons and Up Rewards from the first trip I paid only $21.00 and received $29.00 in Up Rewards. The beauty of this deal is that not only would you get a $10 Up Reward, but you would also get $2.00 Up Rewards for some of the participating products. And you didn't have to actually spend $30, you qualified with the before coupon total.

It comes down to this: The value for these items is $220.00. After coupons I spent $80.00, I received $49.00 in Up Rewards, sent away for a Nerf set that is valued at $25.00, and will submit the Rite Aid receipts for a $10 gift card from the Oral Care Offer in the Single Check Rebates (who knows what else I may qualify for when I enter my receipts). So my actual out of pocket is only $21.00 after the Up Rewards and giftcard coming to me for 20 Marcal products, 6 Tylenol Precise, 8 Reach toothbrushes, 5 Listerine pocketpaks, 14 bottles of Gain dish soap, 6 trident, 2 Gain softener, 6 Johnson and Johnson baby products, 4 Nivea creams, 5 Tide Release, 11 Wisk detergent,3 tugaboos. I can also use my receipts to send away for the P&G coupon booklet so I can keep the deals rolling!! I love this hobby and I owe alot of my deals to my fellow refunders who post all the great information they find on chat. Thanks everyone!" Teresa Davis

RI hit the jackpot at Rite-Aid!

Total before sales and coupons $134.43 + tax

"My first transaction was for the 5 J&J products and one 10.5 oz pouch of Reeses Pieces not pictured. Total before coupons was 22.94 I used $11 in coupons and used a GC I received for transferring a prescription to pay the balance of $13.18 and I got $11 in wellness rewards back. Total OOP $0.00
My Second Transaction I got 3 packs of Huggies Diapers. Total before coupons was $28.95. After coupons my total was $3.95 I used GC to pay. Got $6.00 Wellness rewards back. Total OOP $0.00
My third Transaction I got 3 packs of Huggies Diapers. Total before coupons was 28.95. After coupons my total was $7.87. I used GC to pay. I got $6.00 Wellness rewards back. Total OOP $0.00
My fourth Transaction I got 3 packs of Huggies Diapers. Total before coupons $28.95. After coupons my total was $7.87. I paid out of pocket but sent off for a rebate for $10.00 GC . So my total OOP was $7.87 but I get my $10.00 GC and I still have $6.00 in Wellness Rewards to use on my next purchase.
So in total I got 2 J&J Baby Lotion, 2 J&J Baby Wash, 1 Desitin Diaper Ointment, 1 pouch of Reeses Pieces, and 9 packs of Huggies Diapers!
Making this a great deal and money maker + $8.13!!!"Melanie Dupuie
"I am having so much fun with the Rite Aid deals!  I am not good with pictures but here's my DS and some of my bounty.  I happened to have 3 rebate checks to use with the deals and made 5 trips to the store.  I did all this in 2 days!  In addition to what's in the photo I also have 5 other Johnson products, 4 more packages of Tylenol Precise and more Planters Nuts.  My receipts total $8 and some change out of pocket and I still have $12 UP rewards to spend.  Almost all of this is going to an abused women's shelter.  I'm keeping the nuts." M. Leverette 

"This is my cute niece Mariella with the 15 packs of diapers I scored for her at Rite Aid for less than $4.00.  I'm fortunate to have enough family in the area so I could request the rebates to be sent to 5 different addresses.

My sister has 5 kids so this will really help her out.  I just wish I was using coupons when my kids were little." Elizabeth B, Michigan 
"Here is a picture of my son Alex and our new puppy, Emma.  My daughter Melissa and I had a great day of shopping.  We went to Kroger’s and saved 66% of our bill and saved about 50% of our bill at Wal-Mart.  We had a couple of big ticket items at Wal-Mart so our percentage wasn’t quite as good.  We got 10 of the new Gain dishwashing liquids free with $.03 overage on each bottle.  Melissa is expecting a baby Nov. 5th so we used a $2 coupon on a big box of Huggies wipes.  We got the wipes down to about $1.28 a pack.  We got the 2 Right Guard Total Defense deodorants free with $.02 overage on each.  I’m just starting to get back into the couponing and refunding seriously and we are having a blast.  I can’t wait to get my new grandson piles of diapers through good deals.  Even Emma was the recipient of a few good coupon deals!" Debbie Justice
"Here's a Deal Diva with her happy smile, with a load of her favorite diaper Huggies. This is our granddaughter Madelynn Minnie our M&M girl. Her grandma Angel always makes her smile with great deals she gets on her favorite candy and the best deal for her "HINUS" is Huggies diapers.
At Rite aid this past week I got 24  Packs of diapers using my up awards and m/c. In which it made them all free plus profit with the  $10 rebate. Thanks Rite-aid for keeping our granddaughter's HINNIE dry!!!!" Laura Stewart
"Here is my daughter Hannah who I dragged to 4 different Rite Aids to take advantage of the Huggies deal they had this week.  Unfortunately we didn't have the Johnsons deal around here but anyway.  I took my mom and my friend with me too since they do not use diapers :).  I also wanted to take advantage of the oral health rebate!   I did several different transactions and my total was 322.51 but my OOP was 66.08 but after my rebates my total OOP will be 29.08!!!!! Here is what I got: 
4 baby wipe containers--they were buy one get one half off---had $2.50 printable coupon
2 packages of huggies pullups---had $2.00 printable coupons
19 packages of huggies diapers---had $3.00 and $2.50 printable coupons
2 packages 3pk Dial soap---on sale b1g1 had .35 cent coupons
Pack light bulbs--no coupons :(
2 pepsi 20 oz--had b1g1 printable coupon
3 candy bars--no coupons :(
1 pk trident gum--had $0.50 printable coupons
6 Oral b toothbrushes had b1g1 coupon from paper and $1.00 rite aid from coupon booklet
Did several different transactions so I could use the $5.00 off of $25.00 and roll the $2.00 rewards 
Too bad it wont last long with 2 kids in diapers but every dollars saved really helps out!"  Christy Castle

"This is a picture of Jimmy, now 12 weeks old, with Mommy’s most recent coupon spoils: 12 packs of Huggies! Retail value for these diapers was over $ 100 but mommy got them for 90% off – just $ 10 out of pocket. We considered stocking up on more, but just don’t have the space since we already had a diaper stockpile in a very small house. We will use them all though. I’m most certain of that! Without these great deals, and Refund Cents to alert me about them, we would be struggling to get by since daddy’s work closed down last October right before we found out we were pregnant. Living on just my income has been a challenge but we get by comfortably BECAUSE of my couponing.  

Also pictured is our free photo book from Picaboo featuring Jimmy, his delivery, and first few weeks of life. If you haven’t ever made a photo book, I highly recommend investing your time to make one. They are fabulous!" Emily A.
"I am very blessed to have found Refund Cents to make the most of my shopping trips, I live near 2 stores that will double coupons up to $1.  I had an excellent day of freebies today making stops at Kroger and VG's (double $1 stores) and CVS.  My kitty Lily is licking her chops, very excited about all the yogurt!  All of the items were free using a combination of coupons (many doubled) on sale priced items, and/or rolling Extra Care Bucks from CVS.  For CVS items, I have a card and my husband has a card, so I do 2 separate transactions so I can get 2 of all of the ECB deals.  Got many other cheap items too but these were just the things that were *completely* free:

2 Nivea Men's Body Washes
2 Multivitamin packs
2 High Octane Energy Chews
2 Skintimate shave creams
8 Airwick Aqua Mist air fresheners
2 Tylenol Precise
2 Brachs halloween candy

3 packs of Stridex (raincheck and coupon)

3 multipacks of yogurt (Danimals)
2 Minute Maid Frozen Lemonades
3 Coconut Milks (used raincheck and coupon)
1 Trident (buy 2 get 1 free)
3 Keebler Coconut Dreams **drool** - just like Girl Scouts Samoas!
3 Quaker Instant Oatmeal packages
3 Better Oats Instant Oatmeals packages
3 packs Excedrin
1 loaf Roman Meal Bread

12 multipacks of yogurt
$145.33 total saved (sale prices, not even regular prices!)

On top of all this, I have a total of $56 in Extra Care Bucks that printed out ($28 for each CVS card) to use over the next month!  I was slow to get on the CVS train because I was reluctant to spend the initial money out of pocket.  A few months ago, I was low on my Aveeno moisturizer and realized I had a coupon to use with a CVS sale that had a $10 ECB deal.  So I started doing CVS by waiting for something that I really needed (and would have spent some money on anyway), and with rolling that initial $10 in ECBs with new deals it has grown to now $28 worth of ECBs in just a few months!  Love it when Refund Cents tells me what ECB deals match with coupons to make some things better than free/money-makers!  Another thing that has helped lower my out-of-pocket costs at CVS (even to help pay tax) is using the new or transferred prescription coupons to get gift cards.  My CVS will accept competitor coupons like Rite-Aid's $25 gift card for a prescription transfer, so with a $25 gift card I can use that to pay any tax on those 'free' things and pay no money out of pocket!  I don't always need/want the free after ECB item (or other freebies I find), but I pick them up so I can get new ECBs with later expiration dates.  I also can pass things on to family or friends that needs them, or donate to my local food pantry.  I get extra papers for coupons from the local dollar store, library, and family members.

So grateful to Michele for all the hard work that she puts into this site, and thanks to all the other subscribers that pass on their tips and good deal finds in Centsible Chat!" Beth Grobson, MI
"My mom loves Refund Cents so much.  With the help of the deals that are posted we are able to get some very important things for me and also some fun things for my siblings.  The past few weeks my mom has gotten lots of diapers and shampoo for me. I love to take showers and baths and now I can take them every day as we have lots of shampoo and lotion.  My mom entered the codes from the diapers on the Enjoy the Ride sweepstakes and she is hoping to win a new kitchen.  My Dad works outside and is so appreciative of the shaving cream and especially the deodorant.  My sister plays soccer and had just asked my Mom if she had anything for athletes feat and then it comes on sale.  What a blessing!  Thanks to a rain check from CVS we got a few more Sobe's to use at soccer games.  Now when my brothers and sisters have to take drinks it doesn't cost my Mom anything.  I also like it when stores have a clearance on fun things.  We love erasers and post it notes.  My mom got all of this and didn't pay a dime out of our budget!  She had transferred a prescription so that helped pay the little we owed until my Mom and Grandma get their gift cards for the diapers.  Thanks again for the great deals you post on things all the time." Cheryl Prether Ohio
"If you are a mom, you know how many diapers you go through in just a weeks time, with only one child.  To get diapers at a cheap price, or even free, is absolutely awesome!  Over the past two weeks Rite Aid has had the best deals I have ever had as far as diapers go.  I couldn't believe I got diapers at  4 cents a diaper, and name brand to boot! Two weeks ago the big box of Pampers were $19.99 with an unlimited $5.00 UP reward.  There was also a one time $10/$30 UP reward with select P&G products. With my Wellness discount of 20% the boxes rang up at $15.99. So buying 2 boxes in one order it rang up $31.98. I used a $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, 2-$1.50 Pampers coupons, 2-$5.00 UP rewards printed out on the receipt, along with the $10/$30 UP reward. So I paid $.98 for two big boxes of Pampers diapers.  I ended up buying 7 boxes of diapers, but since the one time UP reward of $10/$30 was in place, that put my cost per diaper up a little more. In the end, what would have cost me $139.93, only cost me $27.43, thanks to the tips I've learned from Refundcents.
My next deal was the very next week, where Rite Aid had Huggies Jumbo packs of diapers on sale for $8.99 with an unlimited $2.00 UP reward along with a $10 Rite Aid Gift Card for buying $25.00 worth of certain participating products.  I bought 3 packages which totaled $26.97.  I used a $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, 3-$1.00 Value Video coupons, 3-$3.00 Huggies coupons, 3-$2.00 UP rewards printed out on the receipt, along with the $10 Gift Card.  Making it a profit of $6.03!!!  What a joy shopping is when you shop smart!  So adding both weeks together my cost per diaper is $.03.  I have my 2 1/2 yr old son, Travis, and 9 month old daughter, Madelynn, posing beside the prized diapers." Aimee S.
"I am fairly new to Refund Cents. Only been a member for a few months, but loving every day of it. This isn't the best deal in the world, but for me just starting out, I don't think its too shabby. Made a trip to two Walgreens this morning and here is what I got:

$0.49 each -- 3 Reese Peanut Butter cups (with in-ad coupon)
$0.99 each -- 2 Stride gum (with in-ad coupon)
$8.99 -- 2 Pampers diapers
$2.49 -- 2 Pampers wipes 64 ct.
$2.99 each -- 2 Scunci ponytail holders (on sale for B1G1 Free)
2/$3.00 -- Walgreens brand paper plates
2/$5.00 -- Clorox wipes
$3.99 each -- 2 Axe body wash
$2.99 each -- 2 Old Spice body wash
$2.99 -- Charmin Basics 6 roll toilet paper (with in-ad coupon)
$5.49 - Always pads
$4.99 - Hyland cold and cough medicine
total before coupons rang up to $48.xx something, I then used $14 worth of Register Rewards I earned last week, along with these coupons:
- $1.00 Charmin coupon
- $2.00 Always coupon (which now after looking at my receipt don't see that the cashier even rang up the Always pads)
- $0.99 B1G1 Free Stride coupon
- $0.50 -- 2 Wags October coupon book for Pampers wipes
- $2.00 -- 2Pampers coupon that printed from the register last week after a purchase from Walgreens
- $3.99 B1G1 Free Axe body wash coupon
- $2.99 B1G1 Free Old Spice body wash coupon
- $1.50 Hyland cold and cough internet coupon

Total after coupons was $18.27 for the first Walgreens and $17.15 at the second Walgreens, plus I got $14.00 in Register Rewards to spend next week. So my overall total was $35.42 - $14 in RR for next week, so my total for all of my goodies was $21.42. Not too shabby for being a newbee... In the photo is my son, Caleb, who loves my cheap goodies especially when their for him. I'll be waiting for next week to come. This is SO much fun!!!!!!" Lori Locke

"Here are my couponers in training (Madi 4, Liam 1, Aly 3) with all that we “bought” at Tom Thumb.  I went to Tom Thumb (Safeway) to take part in their promotion of buy $15 worth of specific cleaning products get a $5 onyo coupon.  Included items were Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Clean, and Hefty trash bags.  There was another catalina that was printing when you purchased 2 Scrubbing Bubbles items and you could get more than one $2 catalina per transaction.  My first transaction was 6 Scrubbing Bubbles, I used 3 $2 off of 2 item coupons that were found in a store coupon book.  My total came to $9 and after I paid I got a $5 catalina and 3 $2 catalinas meaning I had made $2 doing the deal.  I gave myself a limit of $20 to spend on the deal and I ended up getting 20 scrubbing bubbles products, 24 Mr. Clean products, 2 Hefty trash bags and a thing of wings for my husband, not pictured because they have already been eaten.  I came home with 3 $5 onyo catalinas (they were not rolling for me) and at one store the catalina was not printing correctly so I have called the catalina company, so I should have had 4 $5 catalinas and $1 cash.  Not too bad for a Sunday afternoon!" Darby Ridgway, Wylie, TX

"The baby deals at Rite Aid are so hot I need my sunglasses!"  Last week, my daughter and I made two trips up to Rite Aid to score free baby products.  The first trip consisted of 7 Johnson and Johnson products (3 baby shampoos, 2 Bedtime products, 2 bodywashes, and 1 Desitin). I used 7 coupons which totaled $8 off, one Video Value coupon for $1 off, and a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. The products were on sale for $3.99 and each product generated a $2 UP reward and an additonal $10 UP when you purchased 8 in one transaction (only could receive one time).  I used a Rite Aid gift card to pay part of the balance, spent about $12 out of pocket, and received $26 in UP rewards.  I would have done the deal a few more times but I couldn't print enough coupons from my computers to do so.  The next week, we returned to get some diapers. Huggies jumbo packs were on sale for $8.99. I purchased 3 plus a small filler item, used a $5 off $25 purchase coupon, 3 coupons on the diapers which totaled $9 off, a $1 Video Value coupon on the Huggies and rolled some of my UP rewards ($10 and $2) to get my out of pocket low.  I'll receive a $10 Rite Aid gift card, and I also received a $2 UP reward for each diaper pack I bought ($6 total). I already opened one of the diaper packs to use on my daughter.  Rite Aid has been the main source of getting free Johnson and Johnson/Desitin products over the past year or year-and-a-half so I felt it appropriate to gather some of what I had stored in my closet for a picture even though I only was able to purchase 8 this most recent time." Dana Schrader, IN (Sophia Schrader pictured)
"WooHoo!!!!  The deals we made this week were the best I have ever done.  Even DH helped on a few.  We have a Homeland in the town we shop.  It is still a 20 minute drive to town.  So, trips had to be planned and other errands ran at the same time.  We purchased the following:  120 cans of Libby green beans and corn, sale price .60 ea with $1/3 coupon that was doubled.  This netted us $8.00 overage.
12 jars Libby fruit, sale price $4/2 with $1/2 coupon that was doubled.  Making each jar $1, not bad since my 2 year old son eats fruit with all three meals.  13 bottles of the small 11 oz Gain that were .99 which were all free with $1 coupon that was doubled.  This netted $13 of overage.  Later in the week I realized they had the lg bottles of Gain 30 oz for $1.99.  So, I then purchased 27 bottles all free after the $1 coupon was doubled, netting .27 overage.  The Garnier shampoo and moose were on sale for $2.50.  I had $1 coupons for them.  So, to use the overage on I purchased 20 shampoos and 4 moose.  Also, this week the Crest toothpaste 4 oz was .99 with the .50 coupon we purchased 20 of these leaving .20 overage.  The store had Quaker Products buy 5 for $8 and they had a $3 mfg coupon in their ad.  I printed $1 Quaker coupons and purchased 12 boxes of Quick Oats and 10 boxes of snack bars (each box has 2 free music downloads that DD pictured will enjoy).  Now, these had to be planned shopping trips.  My Homeland only allows 1 like coupon to be doubled per transaction.  So, I had to ring up 40 times that week.  Usually, I made six transactions a trip from Wed thru Fri.  Since, DH volunteered to help.   He made 12 transactions for me in two days.  So by Fri I thought we had enough.  Then I dropped of my papers at DD school recycle bin.  I always have to look and see if I can reach any papers to go through really fast.  Well lo and behold there was a bound stack of papers that yielded me 10 more sets of all these coupons.  So, here we go again.  Straight from school to town (20 miles) to make another run.  Then a trip to big town (45 min drive) on Sat to try and get carrots.  But no luck with carrots.  Just more corn and green beans.  My kids, KayLea and Jace, had fun unpacking and building this food display.  You can't see all the veggies but they are the base of the pyramid.  KayLea had fun designing this for a picture.  Jace had fun putting cans in his tryke and riding through the house.  You never knew were you might find a can of veggies.  Needless to say, we are set for the winter with veggies.  Also, all the toothpaste and shampoos will go in my bags for the local Red Cross and many of the veggies will go in food baskets for school and church this winter that we are involve with.  This was a busy coupon/shopping week for all of us.  Thanks a million Refund Cents and Glenda Matton who puts together the Homeland deals for OK.  We had a great week."  Jennifer T. OK
"This is part of my Big Haul from the last couple of weeks.
Included are:
(15) 5 pks of post-its,
(4) post-it pks,
(83) single post-it pads
all found for $1 - $1 coupons from paper and printables = all free at Wal-mart.
(33) Gain $0.89 & $0.97 - $1 cpns = FREE from Wal-mart & RiteAid (there were more but I gave them away already)
(12) Airwick from Rite-Aid buy $30 get $10 Up - $4 cpns (Buy 7 at $4.99 (50% off) =  34.93 - $5/$25 RA cpn. - (7) $4 mq's = 1.93 +tax get back $10 UP
(5) Garnier Herbashine were clearanced at Walmart for $3 - $3 mq = FREE
(1) Tampax and (8) Always make up the buy $25 of P&G at CVS get Iron Man II for $5. These are on sale for $2.99 each and then there are $2 cpns. in 9/26 P&G
(3) Huggies from last weeks RiteAid deal (there were more but I already gave them away, I ended up paying about $3 each after all is said and done. The first three have a $10 rebate from RiteAid so those will be free.
(8) U Kotex from last weeks RiteAid deal. I purchased 8 to get over $30, used a $5/$25, and $1 off cpns for 6 of them (that's all I had). Paid $18+ got back $12 Up rewards and a $10 Up reward for buying $30 worth. So about $4 profit.
(36) Sobe's shown (I had about 75) from the CVS B1G1 days with the B1G1 coupons for FREE sobes. These don't last long around here.
(9) 8pks of AquaPods from Food Lion (Buy 3 at $1 each get back $3 catalina) = FREE! I hope to get more of these before it's over
(10) Boxes of Magic Erasers - These are a good example of making sure to get those rainchecks when stores are out of something. Thanks to P&G putting out $1 off cpns I was able to get these for $0.15 a box at Bi-Lo using my raincheck. I hope to go back this week and get more with another raincheck.
(20) Emerald Nut 3 oz canisters from CVS. These are part of their 10/$10 grocery items, so the manager ordered these for me and got to buy them the day the coupon expired! Whew - that was close!
(24) Mead 5-star spiral notebooks were found at Wal-mart on clearance for $0.50 each. We had $1/2 coupons which netted my kids free spirals that should last a good long time - and these babies are not cheap (unless you use coupons and sales :)
Olay Regenerist eye roller, Olay firming cream, and Olay Active hydrating cream all at RiteAid this week. Look at Michelle's updates for exactly how to do this. I didn't have the wellness coupon so ended up paying like $8 and getting back $10 up rewards.
Everyone was gone to bed by the time I finally got this set up except for our inquisitive cat, who ended up being the "person" in the photo. Thank you everyone for all the posts for good deals!! Don't we just love getting free stuff - it sure helps the budget right now! Can't wait to go shopping again tomorrow :)" Mary Flater
"Hi I'm Cheryl Phillips from Ionia, Iowa and I've refunded and couponed for 30+ years even thru being a single mother with four kids to raise and on welfare. And now I can afford to give more to my kids and 7 Grandkids and still coupon and rebate. Because my husband and I work to hard for our money not too. What is shown on the picture is only from the last month and only about $30 cash but  I received that much in return store coupons back. I share with my family of 7 kids and grandkids and also give to food pantries also. My husband and I are in the picture as i was alone doing this. Plus I'm able to give more cash to charities because of what I save. And sell at yard sales when I can also.  I get funny looks from people for my coupon binder I use but it's money in my pocket so I don't care. I'm also a member of the boards on refundcents and think Michele is a rock star. Thanks Michele and Refundcents for everything." Cheryl Phillips
"Here are my 3 children: Victoria (8), Elissa (3) and Junion (4).  Enjoying the 'fruits of my labor'.  they absolutely love the Free Sobe drinks that I got.  I got 42 free Sobe's.  They enjoyed going to the store and using the coupons, handing them to the cashier.  Thanks so much for the awesome magazine!"
Tammy Barnes, FL
"Went to Safeway. Did 3 transactions.
#1    Got:
2 - 1 lb. pkg. of ground beef
1 Capri Sun 10-pack (Used $1/1 coupon from a lunch bag I bought at Target)
4- Nabisco crackers (Used 2 - $1/2 coupons)
2 - Pop Secret (Used the coupon from the ad and a .50/2 coupon)
3 - Campbell's Soup at Hand (Used 1 - $1/3 coupon)
5 - BB Albacore Tuna
Used 4- Doubles and a $5 OYNO from Scrubbing Bubbles
SAVED: $34.63
#2 Got:
2 - Kraft salad dressings (Used 2-.55/1 coupons)
2 - Nabisco crackers (Used 1 - $1/2 coupon)
1 - Nabisco Saltines (Used a $1/1 coupon = FREE!)
2 Campbell's Health Choice soups (Used a .50/2 coupon
1 -Post Honey Bunches of Oats Family Size (Usewd a $2/1 coupon
1 - Gallon of Milk
Used 4 - Doubles and 3 - $2 OYNO from Scrubbing Bubbles
SPENT:  .74  !!
#3 Got:
6 Scrubbing Bubble Used 3-$2/2 coupons)
3 - Toilet gels (FREE- Used 3-FREE coupons found on the top of the Scrubbing Bubbles- 1 FREE for each 2 you buy)
4 -Nabisco crackers (used 2-$1/2 coupons
2-Fancy,Schmancy boxes of cookies in a photo box- Regular $9.99 each- .99!
Used 4 Doubles 
SPENT: $16.16 (including $2.33 tax)
SAVED: $61.81  AND received $13 in OYNO coupons! 1 - $5 and 4-$2 from Scrubbing Bubbles
TOTALS: SPENT:$26.57  (and have the $13 back)
SAVED: $123.01
SWEET!  :) Susan :) 
"Mommy and I have been busy, busy, busy shopping at CVS during the Sobe BOGO weeks.   So far, we've gotten more than 300 drinks and visited 12 CVS stores in our quest for Sobe, paying only tax for all of them.   I don't know which flavor is my favorite because I'm too little to drink them, but I think Strawberry Kiwi is the best to shake and roll around.  It's a good thing I love playing with these Sobe bottles because they are taking over our basement and there's practically no room for toys!   As the bib says, I love my coupons!!!"   (Lead couponer/Mommy: Stacy Furjanic.  Assistant couponer/Cutie Pie: Mary Furjanic)

"My family was on our annual vacation to Destin, Florida recently.  My daughter, Lauren (17), who is my couponing buddy, noticed a stack of free Sunday newspapers containing  Smart Source inserts, on the front desk counter.  We took a couple, but left the rest for the other guests to enjoy.  Sunday night there were lots left, most still bound and on the floor.  My daughter asked the manager what they did with the leftovers and he told her they would be thrown away after the 11:00 p.m. shift change and she could just take them if she wanted.  She excitedly returned to the room carrying 64 newspapers!  She did get some strange looks in the elevator, but it was definitely worth it.  That was a vacation that this coupon queen and princess will never forget." Pictured--------Martha Thompson and Lauren Thompson in Destin, Florida condo.

"This photo shows my shopping trips from last week where I did deals at Target, CVS, Walgreens and Food4Less. 

I got the following products:


2 x Shout travel wipes

5 bananas

2 dozen eggs

(20 yoplait yogurts - not pictured)


8 x boxes Cheerios

1 x box Total


1 x Dulcolax

1 x Dawn handsoap


14 x Secret deodorants

2 x Dial Bodywash

4 x boxes Kotex tampons 18ct.

2 x boxes Playtex tampons 18ct.

2 x boxes Ziploc bags

2 x Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 x Schick 5 Blade Men's razor

1 x Biotrue

1 x Ziploc bags from Dominicks on clearance

I made a profit shopping ECBS and RRs combined with coupons on Dial bodywash, Dulcolax and BioTrue.  Rebates for Schick and Dulcolax were big money makers when combined with Qs.  The Playtex were FREE printed on catalinas after purchasing 4 boxes of Kotex at WAGs. I was one of the lucky ones to have the catalina print both times I tried.  I had a CVS raincheck for the Dawn dishsoap to get it free with a $1/coupon.  The biggest success was the Secret deodorants which were $2.59 at Walgreens and gave me $3RR.  I bought 14 in separate transactions and then mailed in for a $10 rebate for spending $30 on Olay products.    I earned a profit of $15.74 on that deal alone. Before Sales/Promotions, Coupons, and Rebates the products above cost approximately $135.  In the end, I made a PROFIT of $10!!!!  WOW!  Even I cannot believe my eyes!"
Jeannie Vassilos
"My husband and I took our son Nathan to Cub Foods today. This week they have a Kraft catalina for buy 5 products and get $5 off your next shopping trip. They also had first pound of grapes free. Nathan was soooo excited help get Cool Whip! Every time he went thru the line he got 5 Cool Whips for $5 and got $5 back. We ended up with 30 free Cool Whips, a giant bowl of free grapes, and 15 Kraft cheeses for $7. It was great to see how proud my son was to do so well." Jenny Becker Blaine, MN

"Dillon’s had their Huggies small pack of wipes on sale from $1.59 to $1 a few weeks ago.  (I love these because they stay closed better than some of the other packs of wipes and they fit in my purse.  Lilly loves pulling them out of my purse and playing with the package and the princesses on them. )  We were really excited to see the sale and went home and ordered 100  $0.50/1 coupons off e-bay for 5.99 including shipping.  While I was waiting on the coupons to get here I printed off 6 $2.50/3 Huggies wipes off  So we ended up with 118 packs of 40ct Huggies for $3 plus tax.  They would have all been free b/c Dillon’s doubles to $1. But couldn’t  have wait till the coupons came in the mail, I was just too excited. Lilly pictured with her Huggies wipes." Annie Rempe

"I have attached a picture of the haul of Tugaboo diapers I was able to purchase in 7 weeks.
The start is thanks to Tayler for the heads up on this great deal. I started with 2 packs and then started to roll he coupon into the last time I was able to purchase them it was 28 packs.
Rite Aid at first  would scan the coupon and I had a few cents overage which was applied to the balance. I was visiting as many stores that I could during the 7 weeks. Then Rite Aid change to the Wellness program and I was able to purchase more and have a few cents to roll over to other items. Then in the last week that I found some in an obscure store I was told by the manager they could no longer give me the overage and had to ring each one separately. I said OK, what would I say, I was able to purchase these for a few pennies tax.
So I finally bought all the bags out of my storage room. More curious to see how many I was able to get in the 7 weeks. Boy was I surprised when I ended up with 564 packs.
I boxed them all and brought them to the food bank. This food bank has been helping people in the oil spill area and I knew they would go to people who really needed them and since they were in packs of 2's, the food bank could assist many families. Needless to say I felt great.
On to the next good deal." Vicki Polo
"We have had so much fun with the Sobe LifeWater sales.  I have been playing the Sobe LifeWater Heads or Tails game everyday since it began and just about everyday I am able to print two B1G1 coupons for Sobe.  I waited and waited until the first CVS B1G1 sale on Sobe. 
We just moved about a month ago to the Houston area from the Tulsa area.  I did not live near a CVS, so I just saved my coupons knowing that I'd been near a CVS soon.  We have over 40 bottles in this picture, but we have gotten even more since then.  Not only did CVS have another B1G1 sale on the Sobe, but Kroger had a sale on them too.  The bottles were on sale for $1, but if you bought 8, $4 would be automatically deducted from your total.  One cashier refused to key in the coupon for the full $1 amount.  She said that the price should be 50-cents because that is what it would be after the $4 was deducted.  Well, that was disappointing but I didn't argue.  I didn't think that was enough to argue over.  The next time I went in I had a different cashier and she did take the full $1 off, so the bottles were free.
We all have different opinions about the Sobe flavors.  My favorite is Fuji Apple Pear.  My son's favorite is Yumberry Pomegranate.  We all didn't like the Black and Blue flavor or Strawberry Kiwi.  Isn't it fun to try all these flavors for free?" Jennifer Robinson Spring, TX

"Our newly adopted cat “Boo” is with my husband Scott.


My husband (Scott) and I went to PetSmart to get new water filters for our cat’s water bowl. As usual, Scott wanted to look at the cats available for adoption, as he felt that our cat, Spooky, needed a friend.  Well, he fell for a very sweet 4 year old female cat, which we ended up adopting. 


You see, Boo was on ‘sale’, and you know we just can’t pass by a bargain (kidding)!  However, since she was over 1 year old, the adoption fee was not the regular $98, but was only $43.  I hope Boo didn’t feel like she was on clearance or something – HAH. Given that she was at PetSmart, and therefore off-site from the main Humane Society, she had already received her rabies shot, so we didn’t have to pay for that when we went to the vets.  In addition, the Humane Society gave us a script for a free veterinary wellness examination, including initial vaccines and feline leukemia testing. She has been spayed and has a microchip, too. They sent us home with a free cat toy, a 10 pound bag of Science Diet Adult Cat Food, and a bunch of coupons for PetSmart and for our local Mud Bay Dog & Cat Store. 


So, off to Mud Bay I went. They were very friendly and knowledgeable on how to integrate another cat into our household.  They gave me 3 cans of wet food, one bag of frozen food, one 6 lb bag of dry food and a 14 lb bag of multi-cat litter all for free!  Also, I had previously signed up for a free bag of cat food, so I received an additional 6 lb bag of cat food for free!   We are very happy with our new cat and the great deal we got to start her new life with us." Sheri Burdue

"I read on the Chit Chat board where Wisk laundry detergent was on sale for $3 at Dollar General.  Knowing there are coupons for $3 off any size, I looked on the trading board and made a quick trade.  I was able to get twenty bottles of detergent for just tax!  Miss Jenny was happy to take a picture of our Saturday haul"
Selena McGee, Alabama

"My sons and I went out to several CVS stores to grab as much free Sobe as we could. We ended up with 50 Sobes for tax only, which in Kentucky came out to $2.40. My sons were troopers that day, especially since it was HOT out. We are enjoying drinking all of these free Sobes, and hope to get out this week to get some more." Sara Wilson, KY

"When I heard about the Walgreen's deal on Right Guard, I quickly went and got 20 $1.50/2 coupons. I did not realize that the B1G1 were the coupons everyone was looking for. I was very disappointed until I read a post on RC one night. Kroger has been running an awesome (yet almost secret) sale on the Right Guard deodorants. It is the navy blue ones that are 10/$10. They have a blinkie machine in front of them spitting out $1 coupons. I had already gotten a lot of the $1 blinkies. So, with a plan of attack, I would buy my 10 Crayola 24 packs for .25c plus 10 or so Right Guards (mixing up the coupons...using like 3 $1.50/2 & 4 $1). This would bump my pre-tax total to right at $4. I would first pay with the $4 ONYO (giving me $1.50 overage each time) that I had received for the last group of 10 Crayolas, then I would pay out the tax. Many of these will be donated to different charities.
74 Right Guards X $2.39=$176.86-$102.86 (Kroger Sale Price)=$74-$74 in a combo of $4 ONYO, $1.50/2 and $1 coupons=FREE + tax.
This is my dear husband, Tim, proudly showing off our 74 Right Guards we have gotten in the last three days for tax. I explained to him that I wanted to post his pic with the deodorants for the Deal Diva thread on RC. He has let me know that he is no Deal Diva, he is a Deal Dude! Thanks RC!" Nancy L.
"I stopped by Kroger this morning with my 8 month old and stocked up on Sobe Drinks!
I got 40 bottles at .99 cents each = $39.60
minus 20 buy 1 get 1 free coupon from the head or tails sobe game = $19.80
minus $4 from the Mega deal Kroger currently has = $20.00
Final total was - .20 cents plus tax which ended up being .99 cents OOP.
My husband loves these drinks so it will be going with him to work."
Nicole E, GA
"I love the Sobe Water Heads or Tails game!  This is my haul so far!  90 and counting!!!  I have 40 coupons so far just waiting for another week of the BIGIF to get me another 80 and another month of the game to collect more.  I live in California so I have to pay the $0.05 out of pocket for the CRV, but I'm okay with that.  Besides, I just turn around and turn them in at the recycling center to get my money back.  My favorite flavor is the blue and black berry 0 calorie one.  I have also won 6 free coupons and a t-shirt that should be coming in the mail within 8-12 weeks!  I hope everyone else is doing as well as I am. Happy refunding!"
Angie Meyers, Newport Beach, CA
"I have been saving my B1G1 coupons from the Heads and Tails game for the best opportunity to use them.  I was excited to find that Kroger's current mega deal could net me free groceries too.  So I headed for our local Kroger and was pleasantly surprised when the cashiers entered each free Sobe at $1.59 each instead of the $0.99 sale price.  I bought them in groups of 16 so not to overwhelm the cashier with too many coupons at once.  When was all was said and done we ended up with 150 free Sobe, a couple dozen Powerades and lots of groceries that we use everyday.  All this and I only paid sales tax.  I only wish that I had been paying attention to the posts a week earlier so that I could have gotten more." Tracy L., IL
"Here is Princess KayLea and Prince Jace with my deals for the week ending 8/21.  Wags 42 Right Guard Deodorants:  Wags B1G1F sale with 21 mfg B1G1F coupons.   I just paid the taxes on the 21 that I had the mfg coupons.  I notices that the ones on the Wags sale there were no taxes charged.  Wags Stride Gum:  Wags B1G1F coupon in flyer and I had mfg B1G1F coupons.  I had ordered earlier in the summer 80 coupons.  I have used alot at Target when they had a B1G1F web coupon to pair with it.  So, this week I only had about 25 coupons left.  That was 50 pkgs of gum and just paid the taxes on 25 of them.  Then DG has Post-its for $1.  With the $1 printable from their website that is a pdf of which I have printed many (like 80) these were free, just paying the taxes.  I do plan to submit for the $10 Post-it rebate.  These products may not work, but it is worth a try.  Now, what am I going to do with 42 deodorants.  I see about 30 of them being given away.  KayLea is always ready to pose for a pic and put away my deals for the week.  Jace is all about chewing the gum.  So, he took a pack with him to Sunday School just after this pic was taken.  Thanks so much for all the info on this site.  It makes my shopping plan so easy.  I just read the chat almost everyday and put my list together.  We are a busy family and I don't have time to clip coupons, just the ones I need that week.  I use a file box and put the inserts in there by month, then pull them as needed.  Keep the deal match-ups coming."  Jennifer Taylor, Guthrie, OK.
"Here I am pictured in the back of my car, about to deliver to deliver a donation to the Loudoun Interfaith Food Pantry. I've been volunteering at this large food pantry in Loudoun County, VA for about 6 months as a grocery packer. Customers are allowed to request three items and I had noticed that many of them requested diapers and personal care items like deodorant, toothpaste, and feminine hygiene products. So, I started a collection of free samples that I receive by mail. Then I read on Refund Cents about the Tugaboo diapers at Rite Aid. My own children are long past the diaper stage, but the Tugaboos made great fillers to help me reach the $25 threshold so that I could use a $5 coupon. Every time I shopped I grabbed a few, cut the coupons out for $1 off my next purchase inside the package, then rolled them over for more free diapers. Then I packed the loose diapers 8 of the same size to a large Ziploc bag - which I had also gotten free earlier thanks to a catalina deal and the S.C. Johnson rebate! Here you see over 400 diapers that I accumulated in about a month. The food pantry was thrilled with my donation and asked if they could feature this photo in their newsletter or on their website. It has great to be able to donate items that I didn't even pay for, thanks to the tips and info I got from RC, and know that they are going to people who truly need and appreciate them."
Theresa McGallicher, Virginia
"I had a really good day at my local CVS. I was able to purchase the items you see in the picture plus a few more items. I spent $24.93 out of pocket and got a value of $171.00 worth of merchandise. PLUS I still have $47.99 in ECB to spend and $5.00 coming back in the mail for the Pepsi Rebate. I love CVS. The cashiers both do coupons to and they refer to me as the Coupon Queen when I walk in the door. I know I am rubbing off on my kids as today my 3 year old saw the part of the Pop-Tart box I had torn the code off of and ask if this a Pop-Tart Q-pon?? It was so cute. I first became a subscriber of Refunding Makes Cents when I was in high school in 1985. I love all the great tips it gives me. Thank you." Melisa Tye
"Hi, this is my youngest son Mark who is 10. I must admit I never included my kids in my couponing. But I always looked forward to them joining my hobby. Of course they have always seen me cutting coupons & stockpiling. All of my kids are good with money & sales but no couponers. And for some reason I always thought my girls would follow my hobby. Then a couple of weeks ago while I was in Kroger, something great happened. I heard my 10 year old say, How much did you say the Sobes are? How many do you have to buy? How many coupons do you have? How much do they take off for the coupons? I turned around to answer the questions & there was that spark!! You know the one. The one you get when a deal clicks. Only my son was the one with that look in his eye. He took 4 coupons & 8 Sobes to the register with 1.00 of his money. He wanted to try again. He bought 32 Sobes for .84  cents. He was hooked ! Here's his picture with some of our Sobes .. I have been a member of  RC for around 20 (?) years. I have enjoyed the hobby & the magazine tremendously." Rebecca Bean. Augusta, Georgia.


"This is what is left from the gazillion Sobe drinks I got for FREE.   I did the Target deal when Target had them on sale for $1.00 and there were $.50 Target coupons and also used the B1G1 coupon from the Sobe game.   I also did the CVS deal when Sobe was on sale B1G1 and used the B1G1 coupon from the Sobe game.   I was able to score boat loads of Sobe for Free!  Yay!  I was able to get 40 Right Guard / Dry Idea deodorant at Wags last week with their B1G1 sale - I had 20 B1G1 coupons!  Yippie! 
Today at CVS I found UltraBright toothpaste for $.37 per tube.   I didn't have a coupon but that was a GREAT deal!!!!!!! So for a grand total of $2.96 I bought everything in the picture!  Not bad!" Lori Lucius
Pictured left to right are John Wilder, Kimberly Wilder, Carli Amlin Dean, Kim Brumbaugh and Chris Long
"This is my Coupon Dream team.  God laid upon my heart almost 6 years ago to start a coupon ministry to help to bless the less fortunate with all of the items that I was getting for free or very cheap.  Needless to say, it was all in God's timing, not mine as it took longer than I had hoped, but at the same time it has already grown larger than I thought possible.  Thankfully my husband John was onboard the entire time and supported my crazy idea!  Through classes I teach at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City I met the other members of my "dream team!" The name of our ministry is ClipShopShare.  In just 6 short months we have pulled together and donated over $10,000 worth of toiletries, food and school supplies with less than $200 out of pocket.  We don't know where we are headed with this ministry, but God is directing our paths and with the help of Refund Cents and all of those who submit good deals, we are able to bless so many.  Thanks to all!  God Bless!"  Kimberly Wilder, OH
"Hello, my name is Connie Mears and I live in Perry GA. I have had so much fun with the Sobe deal that Kroger had going last week. I know a lot of people also have been getting great deals on the Sobes as long as they were bought in increments of 8. My daughter and I went in the first trip and bought 24 and got 24 free with the coupons we had been winning on the Heads and Tails game on the Sobe website. I had quickly calculated that I would owe about $4 or so. When the total came up to $1.16 for 48 Sobes, we both laughed and the cashier couldn't believe it. We were so excited and came home and started playing the Sobe game as many times as we could. We had our family members playing as well and before the sale was over at Kroger, we went back 2 more times and got 36 one time and 24 the other time. The picture shows me with a lot of our stockpile and the rest of the Sobes are in our refrigerator. I have to commend our Kroger in Perry GA, they had a lot of stock and kept it stocked up with a lot of different flavors. I love coupon shopping and my 17 year old daughter, Lindsay, loves it too." Connie Mears

"77 Boxes of 24 ct Crayolas
65 boxes/ packages of granola bars and clusters
35 Boxes of BC Fruit Snacks
15 Box Ham BC Hamburger Helper
6 big box of Cheerios
14 little box of cereal

18 bottles of Sobe
Retail 644.01
OOP 49.84 plus tax
Lilly is working on potty training and love the treat when she does a good job.  I guess we are set for a while now on snacks and set for life on Crayolas. At Dillons this week they had the 8 item mega deal. We did several separate orders by going at night when it was less busy and using the self check out so other customers didn’t have to wait behind me in line when there are less cashiers.  We rolled the crayolas, fruit snack, and granola Catalina coupons as well as the cereal coupons that print for 1 more box then you purchased."   Anna Rempe

"My sister and I took advantage of the $4 off at checkout when you mix & match any 4 P & G products.  We each picked up 2 newspapers and purchased 4 Head & Shoulders, 4 Herbal Essences products, 2 Tide, 2 Downy, 2 Crest toothpastes, 2 Tampax Pearl tampons, 2 Always maxi pads, and 2 Dawn liquid dish soaps. The initial total was $70.80 then minus $26.44 in coupons and the $20 instant discount at checkout; that is an oop total of $24.36 plus tax for 20 items! We love this hobby of saving money for our families. Pictured here is my niece Andrea who is learning how we stretch our dollars and how valuable coupons are." Luisa Delgado

"Krogers had a deal that when you buy $20.00 worth of crayola products (before sale price) you would get $4.00 off your next order.
The original price of the crayons were $3.29, sale price .25. I bought 9 boxes each time and had $1.75 extra to spend. I was able to get over 100 boxes of crayons and many extras like laundry detergent, paper towels, paper plates and other household items with each transaction for only change. I will be using the crayons for the Fall festival at our church at game prizes. My son Tommy  had fun stacking them up for me!" Penny Gray
"Here is a picture of my son and my 2 cats  and my Free Sobe.  I got 40 free bottles  playing the game at  and entering codes from the Sobe bottles. Kids love the different flavors of Sobe .
Sobe was on sale for .99 @ Kroger  and when U buy 8 bottles  and use your Kroger plus card they take off $4.00 instantly then I had my  20 buy one get one free cpns, too.  Total $0 for 40 Sobe's. That's a refreshing Deal."  Rhonda in KY

"Here is what I got at Kroger. I did 4 transactions in 2 days.
40 Crayola
4 Purex
8 Bic
2 Rolaids
2 Dentastix
3 Warm Delights
3 Sobe
I had these coupons;
(1)35/1 Purex
(4)1.00/2 Bic
(1)4.00/2 Rolaids
(1)2.00/1 Dentastix
(1)1.00/1 Dentastix
(3)75/1 Warm Delights
(1)1.50 catalina
(1)4.00 mega deal savings
(3)4.00 Crayola catalinas
This is what I paid for each transaction
And I still one $4.00 catalina left."  Cathy oh 
"Decided to do a last minute night run to my nearby Acme. They were having Buy 10 GM, Betty Crocker etc items and Get 'Special' Pricing...After realizing I had several coupons to match up I had to go....I'm lucky to have an Acme that doubles to .99 and has no limit, and there's no sales tax here...My receipt says I saved $46.23 off reg prices...
For a Grand Total of 88 Cents I got:
1 Box Cocoa Puffs
3 Boxes Chex Mix/Golden Grahams treat bars
4 bags Chex Mix
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
10 bottles Snapple Tea
Plus a 50 Bonus BTFE Code for my daughters school;)  
Not a huge haul, but who can complain?  I'm so grateful for all I've learned and put into practice because of RefundCents. I thought I knew a lot before but I've probably doubled my savings using this site.  BTW My daughter LOVES Chex Mix and I refuse to buy it at regular price at $3.39 a bag!" Laurie, DE
"Not only are we getting lots of free groceries using the Sobe coupons during the current Kroger Mega Deal but I thought that I would also see if the Crayola catalina was still working.  To my surprise it was still working.  I wasn't sure what was the best thing to do with the catalinas that printed but $0.78 Sunny D was too tempting to pass up.  So after going to 4 different Krogers multiple times during the week I ended up with 88 boxes of crayons which netted me $32 worth of catalinas to use to buy Sunny D.  We drank several before I was able to get my son to pose with for this picture with his cat Figaro.  We will have enough to drink at breakfast for quite some time.  I can not wait until the next mega deal to see what else we can get for free." Tracy L, IL
"So far we have 24 Post Its free from Walmart and Kmart. Still have 10 more to turn in at Walmart. We will be set for teachers gifts for the coming school year. The RayOVac batteries were free at Walmart. Good thing since my son loves to bring his cd player on trips and it sure burns up the batteries. Captain Crunch cereal is Johnny's (pictured) favorite cereal so we got all I had coupons for. Smiths had a sale on Captain Crunch cereal and we were in the city that weekend to pick it up. Can't imagine paying the full price for this cereal. Only cost me .79 a box after coupons. We live over 2 hours from the city so we can't usually get the good deals but we did this time. Next we went to Target while we were in the city and got the Poptarts buy 4 get 1 free and got 8 boxes and 2 free then used the .55 off coupons. We will send in for the Kelloggs back to school refund and use 2 of the codes  towards the movies ticket. Our local market had the Arm and Hammer marked down to 2.00 and I had the 1.00 coupons to use on these 5 bottles. Johnny is holding the Gold N Plump chicken we got from sending in the upc and form from Michele's updates a few months back. The chicken only cost me .67 a package after sales and coupons so I got several packages and was able to get the big and little chicken. The little chicken goes to my 2 month old granddaughter when she can hold it. Thanks for all the good deal alerts we had a fun week. Hope next week is just as good!" Loralee Pfau, UT
"Amelia my almost 3 year old and I  were in the process of putting everything away. When she started playing stack the on the table and knock them down. She then found the basket of gum and said yummies time for snack time and started to try to make a tower out of gum. She then found my husband's hat from a college Mexico trip and was wearing that. The pictures are the only time I could get her to sit still. We were putting away 85 Right Guards, 92 packs of gum and 142 Post Its. We also had about 24 Sobe drinks but those went like hot cakes with all the neighbor kids coming over. We got all of these in about 12 different trips and I still have rain checks for Sobe, Right Guard and gum but no more coupons for the Right Guard or the gum." Heather S., MO

Which One Doesn’t Belong?"This is a picture of the loot that my boyfriend and I picked up at CVS today.

Not photographed are 10 Powerade Bottles. Here is what is in the photo:
10 Vitamin Waters
6 Softsoap Body Washes
4 Listerine Total Care
3 Crest Glide
2 Crest Pro Clinical
2 Blink Tear Gel
4 Starbucks Frapachino
2 Glade Scented Oil Starter Kit
2 Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit
2 Mitchum Deodorants
2 Gillette Fusion Power Razors
1 Veet Spray on – 90% off
1 Pack of CVS Magnets  - 90% off
3 things of Revlon Make-up – 90% off
1 Pack of Pacificers – 90% off
Total before coupons for everything above: $146.76
Total after coupons: $85.87
Total after coupons and ECBs and $/$$ coupons:  $0.87
Total OOP with taxes: $0.95
Total ECBs rec’d: $67.48 (TOTAL ECB spent: $55)
Total Profit: $11.53
Best of all, I am having a garage sale in three days, so hopefully I will be getting more of a profit than what I made today!" Jenny Dean

"This is a picture of my 8 month old daughter, Madelynn,  to whom I intend to impart all of my knowledge that I have gleaned from Refundcents.  She is sitting in the midst of my purchases from Rite Aid. This is what I bought:
4 boxes Kleenex @ $2.49 ea.
Huggies Diapers @ $8.99
Huggies wipes @ $6.99
Cottonelle toilet paper @ $6.49
2 Kotex pads @ 2/$7.00
2 carefree liners @ $0.99
1 Always liners @ $0.99
2 Schick Hydros razors @ $5.99 ea. (rain check from 2 wks ago)
Stopain @ $6.99
Coldcalm children's medicine @ $7.99
Cramp911 Rollon @ $6.99
Artharrest @ $14.99
Kerasal moist ointment @ $6.99
3 EZ touch Pilot pens @ 3/$3
TOTAL:  $96.35
I broke these up into 3 different transactions so I could use:
-3 of the $5/$25 coupons
-$32 in coupons (manufacturer & value video)
-$6 in UP rewards
-$49.98 in rebates
equaling $102.98
giving me a profit of $6.63!!!
I am a stay at home mom now and this is my new hobby...I'm loving it!"
Aimee Stevens
"I scored LOTS of free Sobe at CVS last week.  This is just one day's worth.  My CVS had an overstock of cereal so there was a special section of cereals that were 2/$3.  (This included the cereals that gave $5 ECB  which are not pictured because I bought them earlier in the week.  If they had been at the advertised price, they would have been 3/$5 after ECB.  I bought 4 boxes for $6, used two $1/2 coupons = 4/$4, then I got $5 ECB.)  The boxes pictured here were $1/box with coupons.  Smart Water and Vitamin Water were 10/$10 with $5 ECB (limit 2).  I used a total of 6 tearpad coupons for $1 off a beauty item or any other item to buy 18 Smart Waters for $12.  I got 2 Vitamin Waters using the $1/2 All You coupon.  I spent a total of $13 and got $10 ECB.  The Right Guard were BOGO @ $3.29.  I used a $2/2 c/o to get both for $1.29."  Christa B., MO

"Here is a picture of two of the deals that I have purchased lately shown with my two grandsons, Logan age 3 and Caleb age 6.  I have bought over 250 boxes of Crayola crayons from Kroger.  I only paid for my first ones then, used the Catalina coupon to pay for the others.  I also got some other items with the overage, sometimes paying only the tax. 

So far I have 115 packages of Post-it Notes.  I purchased these at WalMart by using the $1.00 coupon from Michele’s Messages.  They cost $1.00 so I only paid .06 for each of them.  Total cost was around $11 for all of these items.  I’m giving some of these items to family and friends and using some of them for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  

If I had of paid the original price for the Crayola crayons $1.99 + .12 tax = $2.12 for each box, 250 boxes would have cost me $530.  The Post-it Notes were $1 + .06 tax, making the total $121.90 for 115 Post-it Notes.  $11 sounds like a deal to me, instead of a total of  $651.90." Pam G., KY

"Hi!  This is a picture of my youngest daughter Kherington with all the diapers that I got on clearance at Riteaid this past month.  They had Huggies, Pampers and Luvs mega packs which usually run 17.99 a piece (Luvs a little cheaper but cant remember how much) for 8.99 a package.  I had coupons for 2.00 off each package and I split my transactions up so that I bought 3 packages at a time so I could get the $5.00 off of $25.00!  By the time we got done I only paid 5.32 a pack plus tax---even cheaper for the Luvs!  I had a savings of 12.67 on each package which is awesome for us. With 6 kids we have to save where we can.  We should have diapers for a little while!  All the baby wipes I got for free at Walmart with my $2.00 coupons and they were only 1.96 so a little bit of an overage :)" Christy Castle
"Thanks so much for the information for all the deals.  Attached is a picture of 3 of my children.  Soccer season has started and with 4 children playing we go through a lot of Sobes.  I have been able to purchase over 50 Sobes this week and my CVS has ordered me 30 more which will be in next week and I will get the sales price.  We also have gotten tons of school supplies, which are already being put to good use along with the new book bags.  The extra school supplies I have will help to fill our operation Christmas child boxes.   I also bought several Frixion pens that I will be getting a $4.50 rebate on.   My family loves it when I get things we use every day for free or almost free. Thanks so much." Cheryl P Ohio